Adult Toys Lipstick Vibrators For Girls

Adult Toys Lipstick Vibrators For Girls

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Add an independent charm and power to your "cosmetic bag"!

Not the same vibrating egg!


Once you open it, you will never put this small lipstick down! Cute look, strong speed ecstasy! Use curves and textures outside the world of stimuli. Soft and smooth with enough "giving" at the tip to make this dear perfect. The super waterproof performance makes this Q vibrating egg available for stimulation anywhere. Pink erotic fans are a perfect gift! Great for wallets or bedside tables.

This is a perfect toy that makes the foreplay of sex more fun.


Unique and powerful speed

Shaped and erotic friendly textures and ridges

Easy to keep clean


Use battery


Since the mini pink lipstick vibrator is waterproof, you can use it while taking a bath, for super special "my time" or fast in the shower. This is a great place to spend your time and explore the unique vibration settings - also pretty damn wild!

What about those beautiful pink lipsticks? When giving a gift, nothing can express "I care" more than a cute vibrator. It is ready to be dazzled with a climax show.

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