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Many men want to buy a fleshlight, but they don't dare to buy it. They are afraid that the fleshlight will not be as comfortable as they thought. Today let we talk about the knowledge of the fleshlight.

Does the fleshlight feel the same as a real person make love?

Nowadays, the manufacture of flesh lights has been progressing. From the beginning of a simple silicone product, to the current human imitation, it is getting closer to the real person, the vaginal design is excellent, providing a soft skin touch experience, basically similar to the real person, there are The person said that he even surpassed the real person, but I think that there is a lack of real human feelings, because there is no partner's care, no emotional injection. However, if you want to solve the sexual needs and let people experience the feeling of sex, it is a very good choice!

What is the different between masturbation and the fleshlight?

Each fleshlight has its own unique channel design, and the material of the human body is softer, so that it will stimulate the glans and the package, and can experience the real sexual feelings, but the simple hand, fundamentally I can't stimulate the glans, and I can't experience the soft feeling of the human skin. There is also the ability to surround and suck the force. Especially the human body is the most comfortable and the most similar to the real person.

Can a flesh-light really reduce the sensitivity of the penis?

People who have been exposed to sex know that the penis is very sensitive when making love for the first time. Premature ejaculation is mainly caused by the sensitivity of the penis. Especially for people who often masturbate, the nerve sensitivity of the penis will increase. Easy to premature ejaculation. To exercise penile endurance and reduce sensitivity, you must always have sex. If there is no real person to accompany, of course, the fleshlight is the best tool, and many people with premature ejaculation will choose a good fleshlight to reduce the sensitivity and thus extend the sex time.

What are the models of the fleshlight? Where is the difference between them?

Some flesh lights mainly have various functions: vibration, squeak, rotation, etc. These are also quite distinctive, so many people will buy it because it has these functions. However, the structural design of this fleshlight will be rough and not designed according to real people. The function of vibration inside it is better for women and very bad for men. Therefore, many people will feel uncomfortable after buying, and the functions will be meaningless once or twice, and they will not reach the excitement of real people.

Another type of fleshlight is an fleshlight with a vaginal model. It is designed with a piece of silica gel according to the proportion of real people. The purpose is also to make the person who uses the real feeling, the temperature of the real person, and the sense of sucking of the girl. More realistic, many players in the industry are still more enthusiastic about the vaginal model of the fleshlight,

Each fleshlight type is different, the stimulation and feeling are different, and everyone's feelings are different. Others say that the cup is very good, but you use it very badly. What is the cause of this problem?

How to choose the fleshlight that suits you?

Nowadays, many people buy flesh lights and like to see the surface shape of the flesh lights. But can you really find your own fleshlight through surface modeling? The fleshlight is mainly a feeling, how can you see if it is suitable for you from the outside. To choose the right one for the fleshlight, you need to know which type of person you belong to.

Mainly divided into three groups of people.

1 People without sexual experience.

Such people are not suitable for cups that are very irritating, or they will feel a tingling sensation. Suitable for more comfortable cups, the stimulation is generally good, slowly experience the process, and you can slowly exercise your penis.

2 There are a small amount of actual combat experience, easy to premature ejaculation, need to exercise the sensitivity of the male penis.

Such people are also suitable for cups that are generally irritating, mainly in terms of comfort, wrap, and suction. It is recommended not to look at sex education films, to slowly enjoy the process, and to adapt to the cups that can gradually increase the stimulation level.

3 Sexual love experience is rich, free and easy.

You can pick some cups with higher irritability and more characteristic.

How much is the fleshlight? Where is it cheap to buy a flesh-light in India?

The bottom of the fleshlight is specially designed with pressure holes. It has the effect of supercharging and decompression. It can control the intensity of pleasure to a certain extent and bring a wonderful experience of sex. The simulation degree is up to 98%. It is like a real skin with elasticity and smoothness. It is very close to the human skin, just like the second skin of the human body. Under the slight light, the soft halo appears, which makes the adult product fleshlight show more realistic stereoscopic effect.

The use of flesh lights is a normal, physiological requirement, through a self-triggering physiological response, of course, the subjective component is mostly, because the body androgen reach saturation level, a self-conscious excretion method for the self. The price of the fleshlight is not expensive, the specific price varies with different brands, and the customers who need it can purchase the one that suits them according to their actual situation. Flesh lights are cheaper when you buy them at regular online sex shop. You can check out our store, pick one that you like, and try it out.

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