Vibrating Long Anal Beads For Prostate Massage

Vibrating Long Anal Beads For Prostate Massage

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Women like their own booty training camp


- A vibrating bead at a time!

A not scary bead stick, this is the perfect back door for beginners - so let's get started!

Vibration beads

Vibration silicone anal bead

Removable vibrating bullets

7 strong vibration and pulsation modes

Retrieve the loop control at the base and no trouble

Suitable for solo and couples


Best for use with water-based lubricants

She would especially like the flexible silicone shaft and the size of the beads you choose: with so much comfort and comfort, it's easy to play – just remember the lubricant!

Choose from 7 strong vibration functions. When the beaded shaft vibrates, it is much easier to insert as the muscles are relaxed. Or apply a lubricant, then gently slide the first bead into it and open it!

Your loot bliss vibrating beads are waterproof intimate showers or baths to play. Apply soap to your toys and tails so you can easily stimulate and train your back door. A convenient recycling loop makes it easy to obey your orders for the happiness of loot.

Have your bedroom been a bit quiet and unchanging recently? Use your own vibrating beads to add spice to your foreplay and sex. You said, we listen!

Don't worry about cleaning up. Vibrate the beads clean with warm water, soap and rinse thoroughly. Or use your favorite sex toy cleaner. Many anal sex toy users put a condom on the shaft before adding it and then add lubricant. When you are done, remove and handle the condom.

Now everyone can play backdoor games. With vibrating beads - a must-have toy that is expensive - it's easy to buy.

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