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What is the feeling of the vibrator?

Whenever the vibrating stick is placed in the position of the female vagina, it will stimulate the female to have sexual impulses due to the vibration of the vibrating stick;When the vibrator is placed in a sensitive part of a woman, or when coming in and out of the vagina, women will have a sexual pleasure at this time.

The vibrator can adjust the vibration mode, and the sensation of the massage vibrator can be felt at a level to reach the climax of ecstasy. Moreover, according to the physical characteristics of women, the vibrating stick focuses on the stimulation of the vulva and G-point, and cooperates with the characteristic male penis to ensure that the woman enjoys a gentle caress. The vibration function of the vibrating rod can adjust the frequency according to your own preferences to meet the female sexual needs; the forward and reverse rotation of the vibrating rod can also be controlled by itself; the twisting function of the vibrating rod is also arbitrary.

The vibrator is more comfortable with the clitoris

Because the clitoris is a sensitive part of female sexual organs, it is easy for women to reach orgasm. Therefore, it is easy for women to reach orgasm by shaking the vibrating stick on the clitoris. Natural women feel very comfortable.

The clitoris is also called the nucleus, the yin bean and so on. The top end between the labia minora on both sides is the meeting point of the upper end of the labia majora on both sides. There is a small cylindrical organ, wrapped in a clitoris wrapper, about 2-4 cm long. The end is a round head with a pointed tip that is called a clitoris head. The clitoris is one of the most sensitive parts of a woman's physiology and is usually one of the most important sources of anatomy. "Cuddy sexy" is also one of the signs of female orgasm.

The vibrator puts G point more comfortable

Point G is another sexual stimulation point for women. Since the G point is located inside the vagina, the vibrator is required to be longer. Of course, when the vibrator can reach the female G point, it is easy for the woman to reach orgasm. Naturally, the woman will enjoy the sexual pleasure and feel Comfortable.

Point G refers to the front wall of the vagina at 3.5-4 cm from the vaginal opening (2/3 from the outside to the inside of the female vagina), which is what we often say at the anus. Point G is the area around the anterior wall of the woman's vagina, which surrounds the urethra and is part of the corpus cavernosum. It is a sexy belt for women that, when stimulated, can cause high levels of sexual excitement and strong orgasm.

How to use the vibrator?

Vibrators actually have a lot of fun usages, and there are ways to do it:

Step 1: Press the sensitive area, hold the rod of the vibrating stick, and place its head, that is, the vibrating area, on these sensitive points. At the beginning, you can press a certain part to move, so that the woman can continue to enjoy the vibration stimulation. . When pressing, you can adjust the frequency of the vibrating bar. It is usually divided into low, medium and high. It can be kept in one gear during the process of use, and it can also change back and forth.

Step 2: Begins to “draw circle”: After pressing for a period of time in a sensitive area of ​​a woman, the woman also has some adaptation to the stimulation caused by the vibrator. At this moment, the man can hold the vibrator and “draw” and rotate in the sensitive area. Just hold the sensitive area and turn the vibrator to increase the irritation to her. The frequency can also be changed at this moment.

Step 3: Change the stimulation frequency: After pressing and “drawing the circle”, the man can temporarily raise the vibrator, 1 second or 2 seconds apart, then put down the vibrator, continue to press or “draw the circle”, give the woman a time sometimes a feeling of. Do not change the frequency when performing this kind of stimulation. It is best to adjust to the maximum amplitude.

Which vibrator is better?

The best women's sexual partners are vibrators, which can bring you pleasure, but also meet your female needs, so that reaching your orgasm is not a problem. So, how do women choose vibrators, which female vibrators are better?

For women's vibrators, which is easy to use, because everyone's preferences are different, so everyone's answer is different. To this end, we introduce you to the best vibrator:

G point vibrator. Form: The shape of the g-point vibrating rod is similar to a small stick. The length and thickness of different styles are different. Function: Some g-point vibrating rods have a smooth surface and the front section is tilted up. The purpose is to make the tilted part better stimulate the g-point; some g-point vibrating rods are similar in shape to the fake penis, but shorter than it, the roots are more A section can stimulate the vulva and clitoris.

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