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Adult sex story

Eggplant and rolling pin

In Chalan Village, a few miles away from S, a group of women sat together and laughed at a recent incident. A 20-year-old unmarried female sex, though sexually impulsive, did not want to go to bed with a man. "Sin," she masturbated with a spiced stone sarcophagus. She confided her heart to a neighbor. The neighbor immediately told others that the 32-year-old farmer P said: "usay araam mila, magar gaon hansta raa (she feels a lot But the village laughed at her.) "The ladies had a lot of vulgar anecdotes, another woman had a green long eggplant in her vagina, and the stem was broken. The eggplant was still in her body, she had to be I was sent to the hospital and everyone in the village knew about it.

But in this group, the sympathy for women is firm, "Ichchha Aayi toh kya karey koi?" What should I do when a person is conquered by desire? The 43-year-old A said: "This is too frustrating." He said that women in the village have an ancient solution to the problem. One solution is to "cool it" by massage the vagina with coconut oil.

The dialogue around these villages is so normal, people talk about what someone has done, not why, and in the past year, there have been many such things in India, such as a woman who left her husband. Because he works at night and wants her to have sex during the day, another woman leaves her husband because he wants too much and is too frequent. Another woman does not like his husband's sexual behavior other than the vagina.

In rural areas, people deeply realize that sex is a basic need. Sex educators say that there is such a village, and extramarital affairs are prevalent. There, people often have relationships with their brother-in-law or brother-in-law, and the relationship is, of course, It can be forced or voluntary.

Adult sex toy

With the advancement of society, people's concepts are constantly changing. In terms of sexual life, human beings are becoming more and more open. Most people understand that men and women should have the right to enjoy sex together. Therefore, the market for adult supplies is becoming more and more broad. So, can such products help? Change the status quo? These areas with strong sexual needs have also increased the demand for sex toys. The adult sex toys that can be bought at VIVAAWA include sexy lingerie, simulation penis, vibrators, vibrating eggs, women's products, men's products, men's appliances, and women's appliances. SM sex toys, etc.