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Adult games online--"Lula: Sexy Empire"

This adult games online strong theme, SM, swearing, violence. Although this game is not only H content, there are some elements such as adventure, but the game is full of all kinds of naked, sexually dark scenes, There are still a lot of messy yellow pieces in various SM themes, and the adult-qualified evaluation did not run from the beginning of the game CG. The "Lula" series is an adult from a serious Germany to the game, the game or the game that has maintained its own adventure game, at least the main story still exists. The game has more than a dozen main exploration scenes and additional exploration scenes. From striptease to X action, players can experience the humor and fantasy in the European and American style H Game.

Adult games online--"Phantom Killer: Director's Cut"

Quandy Dream, which has developed several classic games such as Rainstorm, launched the "Phantom Killer" adult games online in 2005 and was awarded an adult-qualified rating in the United States. It is said that this award is mainly due to a large number of "prohibited" elements in the game plus the unique interaction of the game to make the game very sensational. Although the game eventually landed on the PS2 platform, multiple scenes including pornography, drug addiction, alcoholism, and violence were cut. The game is similar to the early "007" series. Some bridges, such as the protagonist, find the ex-girlfriend to ask for help and then start rolling the sheets without any exercise. It is worth mentioning that "Phantom Killer" has a cinematic picture and intelligent game. Interactivity, the entire gaming experience is great, plus a variety of bridges that match the American taste. This is why the game contains a lot of American adults show elements, nudity and even sex scenes can still be listed smoothly.

Adult games online--Riana Rogue

Adult games online with an adult-qualified rating for intense bloody violence and erotic subjects. "Riana Rogue" is very special, the game is supported by FMV mode (full motion image), that is to say, few parts are belonging to the "player" operation, and the whole player only has to press the OK button. The FMV mode is the predecessor of CG that appeared on early console games and later developed into game CG animation and the famous QTE mode. But if the girl you're working on in a game suddenly falls, you can only watch her wearing the exposed and performing a lot of bloody tasks, I think your feelings will be bad. If you think that Riana Rogue is just a normal bloody, violent, and erotic game, you will be disappointed. If you say "Love St. Larry" will leave some unscrupulous sense of humor to the player, then "Riana Rogue" will leave It is a deep discomfort. The game is a sister to Raider another sister, non-stop killing and killing, constantly changing t-shirts, leather clothes, and other M props and then killing the place in various disgusting ways. That's right, this is a game of SM to elements with a lily erotic killing.

Adult games online--sex toys

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