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Sucking Egg Masturbator Adult Toys
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Strap On Dildo With Vibrator (17cm)
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With the increasing demand for adult sex, more people are no longer talking about sex as in the past. On the contrary, more and more people are beginning to treat sexual feelings positively, sexual experiences, and hope to be in contact with their loved ones. There is a better experience, and the role of adult products is even greater at this time. What brands of adult products are there?

TENGA Sex Toys

Started in Japan, an elegant concept of adult products developers under the umbrella of the company, including the male brand TENGA, the female brand iroha, professional research / development / production / sales of unique adult toys, adult sex China General agent: Yaxin (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.

TENGA is an adult product development and manufacturer dedicated to “making everyone happy with masturbation”.

Durex Durex Sex Toys

Beginning in 1929, the world's leading gender health brand, once belonged to the British SSL Group, was acquired by the Li Jieshi Group in 2010, mainly including condoms, sexy gels and sex toys. Durex was born in 1929 and is a world-renowned gender health brand. The Durex name comes from a combination of three English words: Durability, Reliability, and Excellence. The Durex product line covers a wide range of areas from condoms, lubricants, and sex products. At present, adult sex products mainly include three series of condoms, sexy gels and sex toys.

KEY fun sex toys

Wuhan Renfu Health Care Industry Co., Ltd., KEY, originates from the American fun toy brand. The product is based on the perspective of women's thinking and is committed to improving and helping more people to explore sex. As the top adult sex interest brand from the United States, KEY has the strength of the American professional team in product development. After hundreds of thousands of Asian volunteers, we have made products for Asian consumers based on ergonomic characteristics and psychological needs. Sub-development upgrades.

LELO orange erotic fun

Under the umbrella of Sweden's LELOi AB, the world's luxury sex toys design brand, the product extends to the sexy accessories series, the main hand-held massager, high-quality sex toys and related adult sex products.LELO China is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sweden's LELOi AB in China. It is the global R&D design, PR and sales center of LELO. The company's main products are hand-held massagers, high-quality sex toys and related ancillary products; products are sold in more than 40 countries and regions around the world. As the world's luxury sex toy design brand, LELO was established in 2003, completely subverting the traditional image of personal massager, bringing a new fashion appearance, sensory enjoyment and functional use to the public, will be adult toys rise to the height of a luxury.

Shaqi Shaki Sex Toys

Beginning in 1995, the top ten brands of masturbation products, well-known adult toy brands, specialized in the production and sales of adult products and adult toys. Shenzhen Xiaqi was born in the open period of passion and burning. Xiaqi Company, established in 1995, is the earliest manufacturer of adult products and adult toys in China. It is the earliest medical device issued by the State Drug Administration. Manufacturers of production licenses, product registration certificates, and product export sales certificates.All of the above brands of adult sex toys can be purchased at the VIVAAWA store, or you can follow for more sex products.