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Adult sex games for erotic couples

What many people don't realize is that games aren't just for kids. In fact, there are several games that are equally thrilling for adults.

They can be as innocent as the girl next door, you know, as Twister or Monopoly. Or they may have a mischievous element to them.

But did you know that if you put in some sexy discipline, Twister can become a Naked Twister game? Genius, right?

But if you've already added the word "Naked" to all the well-known games in the sun, why not bring some spin to these very creative adult sex games? You have nothing to lose (except your underwear, your dignity, etc.)

1.Step by step (happiness)

The "official" rule of this is that you play with someone who knows you very well. But we're just saying it's very hot to play with strangers. No matter what, the rules must be broken.

To play this adult sex games, have your partner stand in front of your bedroom door. Then insist on asking them personal questions about yourself. For every wrong answer, they can go one step further and be naughty.

Once they reach their destination (your naked body), you can tell them what pure pleasure you want (or you can punish them with a few spanks).

2.Orgasm competition

What's so interesting about this adult sex games? Well, basically everyone wins. The rules are too simple.

Simply engage in a passionate common struggle. The person who orgasms first wins.

But how do two partners win? Well, it's one person's primary responsibility to let the other person go (by whatever means necessary, using your imagination).

3.Are we having fun?

When problems arise, "are we still having fun?" The answer is always "yes!" But let's elaborate on how to play.

Set the timer to a period of time, say 20 minutes, and then start playing. You can do anything you like, except percolate.

When the timer goes off... Well, you know the drill! Sounds too easy? Don't you dare try.

4. Santa Cums Early

Do you love the holiday time of the year so much that you wish every day were Christmas? May be! With this naughty game, Santa Claus can be at any time!

How to play? Take a bag (a big red is probably the most tempting choice) and put the item in it. It could be your favorite sex toy of choice, or even folded paper with naughty behavior written on it.

Then, have your partner close their eyes and choose a project.

What's next? Okay, here's what you do.

5. Final fantasy

What are some sure ways to stay sexy and healthy in a sexual relationship? Role play!

And it's not just about dressing up or assuming different identities. It's about using your imagination and fulfilling the role that you or your partner have been fantasizing about.

So, for this adult sex games, you write down a list of role-playing scenarios on paper and fold them up. Choose a piece of paper carefully, and voila! You can succeed in starting your new sexual tryst, as that naughty nurse, or as an out-of-town foreigner hoping for luck.

6. Naughty boy/girl

We all make mistakes... After all, we are only human. If these mistakes don't make a big difference, why not celebrate them in a sexy way? What kind of life is it if you can't laugh at yourself?

For this adult sex games, a partner should write down everything they did wrong that day. For example, they forget to do their laundry, or they decide to sneak out of work ten minutes early.

And then, for every "wrong done", you get a spanking. Use a hairbrush, paddle, riding crop, whip, or just your bare hands. Maybe choose your poison based on the severity of the confession?

7. The straight face

You know, when you were young, did you ever take part in a staring contest? The adult sex games is somewhat similar, except it has a nasty twist.

Play, write down or insist on saying things from memory that are bound to make your partner smile or smile. Once you see smidgen with a curve on their lips, they have to take off a piece of clothing.

Those who leave one or more items of clothing can decide what kind of sex they enjoy together.

8.Would you (dirty version)

Looks innocent when it comes to corruption and squalor, but far from it.

In this game, each partner turns to ask a question, "would you... End the sentence with two dirty things. For example: "would you rather have someone watching you have sex than someone else having sex?"

Start slowly, making fun of your way. Once you get those real porn questions, you're sure to feel lively and ready for some fun playtime.

What's interesting about this adult sex games is the accumulation of arousal. The game requires you to start slowly and then do some real sex on your own terms. With it, you have absolutely no reason to complain about boring and monotonous sex again! What are you waiting for? Go have fun, for goodness sake!