Aunty sex story

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Aunty sex story sm appliances are more commonly bundled kits, our products adhere to the principle of authenticity, quality assurance for each SM appliance, let VIVAAWA Mall Xiaobian tell you where the advantages of sm appliance bundles.

1. The metal fasteners are durable and durable. This product is designed with a metal buckle. You don't have to worry about falling off or tearing when you use it.

2. The high-end atmosphere of the leather texture and the design of the leather texture make the product look high-end atmosphere, three-dimensional, 3D visual feeling from the outside.

3. The soft leather is comfortable to wear and adopts the soft and high-grade material design so that you can better protect your hands from being injured when wearing.

4. The chain design is durable, and the three-dimensional bump design gives you a 3D visual feeling.

5. Easy-to-wear ribbons are easy to wear, with simple interlocking ribbons that make it easier to use and more durable.

Although aunty sex story sm supplies can give both sides a different pleasure, if you are immersed in pleasure, ignoring one's feelings will have a bad influence. Let's let VIVAAWA Mall Xiaobian introduce some of the usage rules of sm supplies.

Aunty sex story--moderate stimulation is very good

Generally, aunty sex story people who need sex goods can be roughly divided into two types:

1. The two sides hope to make the relationship of sex more fresh and stimulating - in addition to satisfying curiosity, it also shows that aunty sex story has a willingness to improve for the current boring sex life.

2. The sexual desire of venting itself - each person's physiological needs are different. If there is no proper venting, there will be emotional instability such as anxiety and anxiety. At this time, moderate masturbation, even with sex goods, is a species A healthy solution.

Therefore, whether sex goods can help sex life depends on the rationality of the users of the aunty sex story. Feelings depend on the love of both sides and the barrier-free communication, to achieve a long-lasting intimate relationship. If you want to improve sex goods, it is only a temporary solution. It can even be said that the parties do not understand love at all. Strong desires.

Aunty sex story--purchase material is very important

In the aunty sex story, when consumers buy sex goods, they can not seek to stimulate, but ignore the importance of the material, otherwise, it will be lost if it causes breakage, jamming, or falling into the vagina. The lady has folded again. For example, a penis collar with feathers or beads can easily cause the feathers or beads to fall into the vagina when pumping; while the penis uses the collar for too long, it can also cause cell necrosis. Also, the poor quality of the massage stick or condom (especially the convex shape) is prone to break or fall off. Therefore, when purchasing, you must consider it in many ways, so as not to be self-defeating, but to "sweep"!

Aunty sex story--SM is gentle

The aunty sex story uses SM products and must be accepted by both parties without prejudice to health. To avoid injury to each other, both need to avoid areas that may damage the internal organs.