Baby Doll Dress

Choosing a good baby doll dress can not only hold up the seductive chest, but also show the woman's mysterious ditch. For female friends, baby doll dress is one of their most common flirting methods. Don't underestimate the "power" of sexy lingerie, it will add endless fun to sex life, then, how to choose love when love and love What about underwear?


The forked tulle baby doll dress is a modified version of the nightdress. It divides the nightdress into two parts, and the middle part is open, just to reveal the "ditch" of the woman. It is conceivable that a woman wearing this underwear is tempting you.

Bandeau--Tube top tulle baby doll dress

The bulging peaks of the women's plump breasts, plus the lace of the lace, the shade of the tulle, and the bright decorations on the chest, I believe that the man will only stare at you and leave his saliva.

Pocket type

The baby doll dress is not conservative at all, but it is very teasing. Because the two "folding pockets" that hold the chest are like two petals, tightly wrap the chest and form two small peaks. Seeing this situation, men will not be calm.


The deep V sling gauze baby doll dress combines the advantages of a sling lingerie and a forked lingerie to not only hold up the seductive chest, but also show the woman's mysterious "ditch". The degree of temptation is self-evident.

How to choose inflatable dolls?

1, weight: the weight of inflatable dolls will not be too heavy, more than 1 kg to 7 kg. The physical doll will be very heavy, a few pounds, but the price is very high.

2, inflatable: inflatable dolls need to be inflated to use, no small size when inflated, easy to carry. So the dolls are equipped with inflators. Of course, some dolls can also use their mouths to blow.

3, important organs: inflatable dolls only the lower body organs are soft silicone material, there are single channel, double channel, large single channel and large double channel.

4, smell: the authentic doll has no special taste, no plastic taste. However, poor quality dolls will have an unpleasant plastic taste. Therefore, when buying, ask the seller, how the quality of the product is, whether there is plastic flavor and so on.

As an artificial adult baby doll dress, there are many representative brands. Inflatable doll is an inflatable type of artificial adult sex products. It is also a masturbation product for many urban men to meet the needs of the city. There are also many brands that go out. So, which brand of inflatable doll is better?

In VIVAAWA inflatable dolls and lingerie, you can choose from a variety of styles. You can wear sexy lingerie for these dolls. These baby doll dresses make some men who have never reached orgasm in their sex life. Inflatable dolls can experience the climax.