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Delay Spray For Men

Delay Gel For Men Best Delay Spray In India
₹1,619.0 ₹1,390.1

Harder Better Faster Stronger! Premature ejaculation is a really common condition that affects abo..

HOT Rhino Long Power Delay Cream For Boy 30 ML
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HOT Rhino cream is the gentle way to act deliberately and successfully to a premature ejaculation. T..

Penis Enlargement Cream India Delay Sex

The Developpe Sex - Penis Enlargement Cream is designed to give you the noticeable difference you w..

Pjur Med Pro Long Delay Spray For Male 20 ML
₹4,525.0 ₹3,342.0

This Pjur Med PRO LONG Man Delay Spray is designed with a special formula that numbs the penis area,..

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How to Last Longer in Bed?

Want to know how to last longer in bed? If you're after long-term happiness, a Delay Spray can help you.

Delay Spray For Men online in India

Delay Spray contains a specially formulated spray that can delay ejaculation in men, prolong sexual intercourse, and ensure your partner reaches an exciting orgasm. These delayed sprays can also be used as premature ejaculation sprays because its main purpose is to delay ejaculation in men.

Best Delay Spray Fo Men online in India

Ordering the best delayed spray for men online is considered the best solution for premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation spray helps delay ejaculation. Apply / spray a styling spray on your genitals, then play the game the way you like and when you want it. You can experience the feeling of living in your dream world with this orgasmic delayed spray.

How does the delay spray work?

Today many men are thinking how can they sleep longer in bed? How to desensitize the penis? So, here, this orgasm delayed spray contains a specially formulated compound called lidocaine or benzocaine. Both compounds have the ability to locally desensitize the male genitalia. So it numbs the penis, in other words, it numbs the penis, eventually reducing the irritation and sensation of the penis slightly, helping to last longer in bed.

Long Lasting Spray Benefits

Very easy to use

Knowing how and when to use is not rocket science. Perhaps this is the easiest and most effective way to deal with premature ejaculation. Just put it on your penis before making love.

Use only when needed

Orgasm delayed spray is not a regular medication. It can only be used when you are ready to have sex.

No harmful ingredients

Long-acting sprays usually contain benzocaine or lidocaine, and local anesthesia is usually safe because it only reduces sensitivity at the site of use. Almost all long-acting condoms use these compounds for the same purpose. However, condoms don't give you the satisfaction you want.

Easily available

Unlike other medicines, no prescription or doctor's consultation is required. In India, one can easily get these male delayed sprays online.

Effective desensitization

Many men are wondering if the orgasm control spray is effective? The answer is yes. Most of our customers find it useful, effective and reordered orgasm delay spray.

If the worry of reaching orgasm prematurely during sex can affect your sexual behavior with your partner, then choosing a good delayed spray or cream may be the answer, as it can help ease the anxiety of premature ejaculation.