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The Fleshlight Vibrating Aircraft Cup belongs to the male portable type of sex, also known as the enlarged physiotherapy cup. It uses its health care function to make the male sexual organs play a role in health care and achieve the effect of increasing the thickening. The appearance is small, like a Coke cup, imitating the three kinds of communication channels of the genital canal. Due to the high simulation of the built-in structure, it is highly realistic.

Electric Fleshlight Aircraft Cup

The Fleshlight vibration Fleshlight aircraft cup is mainly used to meet the physiological needs of men, that is, for masturbation. It can achieve the thrill of the action that is not normally experienced. When shooting and after shooting, the different protrusions of the head of the cup can produce unexpected pleasure.

The quality of life has improved. I believe that the thinking of many single people is also getting more and more improved. I also know that the danger of going out to solve loneliness is indeed regretted. There is also the danger of masturbation, and masturbation can indeed lead to impotence and premature ejaculation, so you can choose good sex products to solve physiological needs and exercise ability.

The principle of Fleshlight vibration Fleshlight aircraft cup is mainly that the bottom is specially designed with pressure holes, which has the effect of supercharging and decompression. It can control the intensity of pleasure to a certain extent and bring a wonderful experience of sex. The electric Fleshlight aircraft cup has a simulation degree of 98%. It is like real skin with elasticity and smoothness. The material texture is very close to the real skin, just like the second skin of the human body. The high elasticity of the electric Fleshlight aircraft cup makes people feel the feeling of “grip”, and the effect is even better. The electric Fleshlight aircraft cup reproduces the true muscle color, white and red, and the soft light is faintly reflected under the slight light, which makes the product show a more realistic stereoscopic effect.

A single friend is a single man. Without a sexual partner, the desire of the heart is very difficult to release. The Fleshlight aircraft cup that Fleshlight shakes can effectively help single men release their passions. Sex toys are not spiritual sustenance, but a paradise that can take you into pleasure.

Fleshlight aircraft cup health effect

The Fleshlight aircraft cup is not a conspicuous thing. On the contrary, it is a healthy product that is not harmful. You can understand it as a comfort device. The construction of the Fleshlight aircraft cup is relatively simple, sponge, plastic cup, lubricating fluid, nothing more. Masturbation is for both men and women, even with marriage and family, there are still more than 60 % of men and 40% of women have masturbation habits. For men, both the essence of traditional Chinese medicine and the harmlessness of Western medicine are not necessarily complete evidence. It is very easy for people to discover that masturbation time After prolonged, it will cause chronic prostatitis and impotence.

For prostatitis, mainly due to the unclean habit of masturbation, do not wash your hands beforehand, when you do not clean the reproductive organs, it is very easy to be infected, and once the prostate has germs, it will be very difficult to get rid of it.