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A range of Fleshlight india camouflage in smaller sizes, not a flashlight, but 24 ounces. Beer in cans.

First, it offers the familiar PIV sweetness and exciting new feel. Through steady and repetitive movements, I can close my eyes and easily get lost in a fantasy or memory if I want - it's just natural and realistic - enough to make masturbation more immersive. But if what I crave is something even more surprising and unfamiliar - if I just want the unique functionality Fleshlight india can offer, then all I need is some more creative or aggressive sport.

Second, because the mini lotus is more like a series of contours than actual textures, Fleshlight india are the easiest to clean and the fastest to dry of any full-size shape I've tried. With Fleshlight india having a denser and more complex texture, you have to go in and do some work to make sure that you clear it completely when you're done. Although it usually still merits the efforts of other Fleshlight india, with Mini Lotus it was a very simple and quick rinse - nothing "Fleshlights" got caught. Likewise, the lack of obstruction allows for better airflow and therefore faster drying time.

It's not just the compactness, the miniature lotus texture itself is so compressed that it feels hard and elastic.

Only good thing: this is the first time I've felt like I have a huge penis. I stood there and raised my hand. "I'm sorry... I think I'm too big." But actually, Fleshlights, full-size, make me feel a little small. Do you know which one is the perfect size?

Other faults: blocks and awkward grip

The comparison of this product with any other Fleshlight product is also worth noting that the end cover has a different adjustment range from normal Fleshlight. It is either too tight for suction to travel with, or too loose for it to cause distracting clicks.

And then there's ergonomics. This toy made me realize that one of the real benefits of a normal Fleshlight india product, including flight, is the comfort of a cone - and narrow-edged handle. Try this while maintaining a full 24 ounce width. Beer is awkward.

Conclusion: this sex toy is more toy than toy

I think I've figured out why this product has been discontinued. Unless you're on the smaller and thinner side, or unless you really like the rough side, canned sex is more of a gag gift-a real adult novelty -and not a fun tool.

If you or someone in your life is an absolute beer lover (and you have this friendship, it won't be awkward), it's kind of cool anyway. I really like the picture of me putting this pocket cat in my beer can.