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Q: how do I buy FLESHLIGHT price in India?

A: you can buy the Fleshlight product from VAVA-AWA.com, the number one online adult lifestyle store in India. We serve customers in India as well as NRI and Indian audiences around the world. We ship them to all cities and towns in India. We offer free delivery for orders over rs 10,000, we are responsible for customs and customs duties, so your order will be delivered at your door. All the Fleshlight products we sell are certified. We offer a wide range of discounts for regular shoppers and can answer your questions via LIVE CHAT and over the phone. Come on, now shopping.

Q: what can you tell me about the delivery of my FLESHLIGHT price order?

A: we value your privacy and understand its importance to you. We ensure that your order is carefully packed so that no one knows the contents of the package or any mention of VAVA-AWA.com. We also provide free delivery service, you can enjoy a discount during this period. Simply visit our home page and register to enter our mailing list, or submit your email address when you see the free shipping pop-up window. It's that simple.

Q: where do you deliver?

A: we offer Fleshlight to customers throughout India, including the major metropolitan areas - ahmedabad, pune, Delhi, mumbai, bangalore, hyderabad, chennai and kolkata.

Q: has the product been built yet?

A: the soft, flexible, vibration-free masturbation sleeves are made from patented and high-quality materials and are designed to replicate the feeling of penetration. The molded casing is mounted in an attractive sturdy tank, similar to an ordinary flashlight, for simple and discreet storage. It is easy to use and clean and 100% safe. With correct use, your Fleshlight will bring you lifelong enjoyment!

Q: what about Fleshlight?

A: the length of Fleshlight is about 10 inches, with a diameter of 3.5 inches. The insertion length is 9.5 inches.

Q: does it vibrate?

A: Fleshlight doesn't need batteries or electricity. However, the Fleshlight Vibro USES three Fleshlight Bullet vibrators to generate a strong stimulus!

Q. light sleeves made of light weight or plastic or silicone?

A. no, it isn't. The Fleshlight material, which is the closest thing to the real thing, is their corporate secret. No other adult product has the same feel and durability as Fleshlight.

Q: do FLESHLIGHT materials contain phthalates?

A. phthalates are defined as "any phthalate or ester that is specifically used as A plasticizer and solvent." There is considerable controversy regarding the use of phthalates in adult toys. Assure the client that Fleshlight material is phthalate-free.

Q: how do I use FLESHLIGHT?

A. take your Fleshlight bushing out of the casing and run warm water through the bushing for about 5 minutes to warm your Fleshlight bushing. Do not boil or microwave casings! Shake the water and insert the casing into the Fleshlight case again. Adjust the tightness of the bottom lid to control the suction. If Fleshlight still feels too cold for you, next time try heating the lubricant in a sink/bathtub with the casing. Fleshlight is now ready to use.

Q: what's the best way to clean FLESHLIGHT?

A: just rinse the detachable Fleshlight sleeve with warm water in the sink and leave time to dry before storage. Don't soap your Real Feel Superskin sleeves. For strong cleaning, we recommend a small amount of isopropyl alcohol. To maintain a soft feel, dust your sleeves with plenty of cornstarch and shake off any excess powder. Talcum powder or baby powder is not recommended. Note: using anything but cornstarch powder ice Fleshlight masturbation cannulas causes it to cloud cover and lose its crisp quality.

Q: what is the best way to dry the MASTURBATION SLEEVES?

A. shake the water as much as possible and place it in A well-ventilated area -- next to the fan or duct. To dry quickly, slide the thin cloth/towel from one end to the other. When putting it back in the box, be sure to loosen the end cover so that the air continues to circulate.