fleshlight sex toy

fleshlight sex toy

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What is a fleshlight sex toy?

Fleshlight is a man masturbation device, fleshlight is not a direct product, but a brand from the United States, however, the term has been established and used in many types of masturbation devices today.

Insert the penis into the pleasure channel and let you feel the real vagina or mouth. This effective stimulation can be maintained until the man reaches a climax by changing the structure or texture of the pleasure channel, from the masturbation to any renewal of the special experience.

The fleshlight sex toy feels like real sex?

In this case, the most important thing is to use the appropriate plugin correctly. Realistic sexual experience.

In addition, according to the experience of men, the use of a suitable lubricant (should be tailored to the use of the masturbation device) can be expected to use fleshlight in any situation. More intense than masturbation.

People often say that using fleshlight can even lead to more intense results than sex, but since every man is different, everyone must decide for themselves whether sex toys can compete with real sex.

How to clean the Fleshlight?

In order to use sex toys for as long as possible, regular cleaning is very important, in which case the masturbation device must first be removed by unscrewing the end from the outer casing and removing the insert. Warm water in this case is quite reasonable to use a cleaning agent to properly clean the case.

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