How to use sex toys

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Don't know how to use sex toys? Haven't you tried it before? That's good, and I'm glad you can play masturbation games! Before you start, it's important to know how to use sex toys in the best way.

If you've never bought them, how do you know which one to buy? How do you use them in sex, or even suggest using them in sex with your partner? For example, where and how should you use them so that they feel great?

Realize that this is perfectly normal -- even for couples.

The first thing to realize is that sex toys have now become a regular part of many couples'sexual lives. Creating an atmosphere does not mean that your sex life is garbage, so eliminating your partner's fear of inadequate sex should be the first item on your list. Using sex toys is an interesting way to reiterate your mutual trust and make your bodies more open, intimate and confident.

Find the right sex toys

Everyone is different. You need to find an atmosphere that fits your body. There are all kinds of options, and if you don't know where to start, it can be a little scary.


A great beginner's atmosphere is a bullet vibrator - these small, powerful vibrators are mainly used for clitoral stimulation. Because of its small size and easy-to-use shape, bullet vibration is a great choice for first sex toys. They are also very cautious, quiet and cheap.


Rabbit vibrators are known for introducing women and vaginals into so-called "mixed orgasms" 


Wand Vibrator is another of the most popular. It is known for its ultimate orgasm tool and has evolved from a neck massager. The neck massager was designed to alleviate muscle fatigue until women and vulvar owners found out how perfect this powerful vibration was for clitoral stimulation.

Doxy wand is the godfather of all wand vibrators. It's made in Cornwall County, carefully designed and a serious machine. Most sex bloggers and writers swear by this wand, really. This is a very good one.


Pebble Vibrator is another kind of non-penetrating atmosphere similar to magic wand. But in recent years, this more mellow atmosphere has become more and more popular. This Lian's cobblestone vibrator is powerful, but cautious.

G-spot vibes

The G-point vibrator tilts at the end to help reach the anterior wall of the vagina where the G-point is located.

Find out what's good for you

You can do this by simply choosing the vibration mode and speed you want, using some lubricants to make things beautiful and smooth, and then moving the atmosphere around the clitoris and labia until you find the place and method that feels the best stimulation. This is a basic but very pleasant way to orgasm with a vibrator.

Ready to roam

Sure, it looks small on the surface, but you'll be surprised at how much the clitoris changes, especially when it actually extends below the labia. As you become more experienced, you can achieve a magical level of accuracy with a good vibrator.

Really use those settings

Toys have become increasingly sophisticated and have a range of different settings for different users. The timid first timer enjoys a mild vibration that requires concrete-smashing to get rid of their power. It's definitely worth trying every mode and speed setting. You may find that you feel like you never thought you would.

Using them during sex

Some of your sexual partners may find this frightening. So let them relax and create an atmosphere for them. If your partner is male or male, try their nipples, testicles or sensitive laces.

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