Customer Testimonials

Great toy
For a long time, I have been desperately searching for a toy designed for the simultaneous climax of my husband. Most of them failed because of lack of strength, and I needed quite a bit of stimulation to get there. Secondly, most of them are not designed to even hit the woman's clitoris.. This toy is a very good door! Seriously, it produced the expected results when first used. This feeling is like the toy I played, I am used to a lot of toys! Except for heaven, this feeling is hard to describe. Slightly rumbling, mixing vibration and subtle suction. I did find a learning curve in my later separate use. I made a mistake and tried to grind the outer part into a clitoris, which completely killed the toy's ability to work properly. Try not to push it into the clitoris and gently turn it over the clitoris until you find the correct position and the magical prosperity of the toy takeover, free vibration, sucking and rumble to make you ecstatic. Silicone is very silky and I feel a little soft. I can't recommend this! This is really addictive, so you have been warned.
Enrique, TX
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