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Long Transparent Plus Size Lingerie Dress With Side Open
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 Long Transparent Plus Size Lingerie Dress With Side Open..

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Lingerie for sex is a lingerie or garment that shows body charm and arouses sexual desire. Pay attention to visual enjoyment and mysterious elements, in order to produce a strong sense of temptation, mostly for women dress design, of course, there are men.

Sexy women lingeries classification


Babydoll is a short bell-shaped nightdress. Some of the dress straps are made of sheer or translucent fabrics such as nylon, chiffon, and silk.


Teddy is a one-piece suit that covers your torso and crotch. Usually made of transparent and delicate materials, similar to the shape of a one-piece swimsuit. As underwear, it combines the functions of a tank top and underwear.


Camisole is a woman's loose-fitting, collarless, sleeveless underwear that wraps around the top of the body and is shorter than a T-shirt.


Chemise is a loose, sleeveless dress with a length between the mid-thigh and the knee. A petticoat usually has no buttons or other fasteners and is tighter on the hips than a nightgown with a slip.


The Corset, a garment that helps shape the torso and is often used to emphasize a woman's body shape, is also common in BDSM activities.


Bustier is similar in appearance to a corset, but it is less constricting and usually made of more flexible materials.


A Bodystocking is a transparent, tight, one-piece covering a leg, torso, and sometimes an arm.


The Bodysuit is similar to a Bodysuit except that the Bodysuit is usually made of a thicker material.


A garter, consisting of elastic strips, usually at least 5.1 to 7.6 cm wide. Two or three elastic suspenders are connected to each side, in which the material is formed into the outline of the body.


Role-playing costumes include bunnies, maids, police officers, nurses, and dead bodies.


Underwear or swimming trunks with a string around the hips and even the anus. There are many types of thongs, including traditional, g-string, and c-string.
The above is the general classification of sexy women lingerie, in addition to a set of sexy underwear, in fact, can also play an interesting role. Novice players can start with a selection of underwear sets and then develop their own style. Hot lingerie adds extra entertainment to any night!

What kind of underwear is good?


The lycra that American dupont company develops in 60 time (brand of fleecy fine fine young fabrics), its fine thin book is slippery simple sense and wonderful flexibility, deduct "the 2nd skin" incisively and vividly, the bra of lycra fabrics, underwear, swimsuit and even sock, its close-fitting body feeling and the visual sense that grab an eye, make a person be full of praise. Match again with the bud silk with all sorts of beautiful type, underwear it may be said achieved incomparable.

cotton cloth

The most comfortable fabric is still cotton, today's women still prefer cotton underwear, because cotton itself unique air permeability and natural, so that wearing feeling is not the same as other fabrics. In terms of aesthetic feeling, the printing effect of plain woven cotton cloth and the dyeing effect of knitted cotton cloth have a natural simplicity and youth, which are hard to be replaced by other fabrics.


Older than cotton, but used in underwear later is velvet. Velvet has the elegance and luxury of cotton. The natural smoothness of velvet.
Chemical fiber raw materials.

Polyester, nylon, spandex chemical fiber raw materials, although in elasticity than lycra worse, but still have their own hygroscopicity, deformation, scalability and other characteristics.

Our sexy lingerie features inviting fabrics such as lace, satin and silk, with lovely details such as bows, ties and tailoring. We want every woman to have fun and feel her personal best at the same time.