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Penis enlargement technique

Are you worried about penis size? Does it look as long as other men?

For many men, this is a common concern that generates understandable anxiety about sex, even just in Shared locker rooms.

Because it's a concern, penis enlargement is big business. The problem is that there is little evidence that most treatments work.

So, unlike other effectively treatable sexual problems, this is an area that requires special care. With some research, you can avoid wasting your money or hurting yourself.

On this page, you'll find all the different techniques for penis enlargement to help you understand your options.

There are some facts about average penis size that I recommend you read, as you may find that your size is in the normal range.

1.Is penis enlargement possible?

Many medical groups warn that penis enlargement is difficult, and companies make numerous false claims.

The NHS, for example, says "you can't" increase penis size.

That said, there are some studies that suggest it might, though not easily or quickly.

On a more positive note, many who have tried different technologies say at least some growth can be achieved.

Maybe not the inches that some companies advertise, but a centimeter or two seems possible.

2.What is the average penis size?

Many men think their penis is too small, but it's actually within the normal range.

In 2015, researchers studied 17 studies involving more than 15,000 men. Here's what they found:

The average relaxation length was 9.16 cm (3.6 in)

The average tensile length is 13.24 cm (5.2 in)

The average vertical length is 13.12 cm (5.1 in)

The average relaxation circumference was 9.31 cm (3.6 in)

The average vertical circumference is 11.66 cm (4.6 in)

Of course, some men have shorter or longer penises than others - 5.1 inches is an average.

Another 2013 study of 1,661 men found that:

The average erect penis measures 14.14 centimeters (5.6 inches)

The dimensions range from 4cm to 26cm (1.6in to 10.2in)

In medicine, an abnormally small penis is considered to be smaller than 3 inches when erect.

3. What do women think about penis size?

As a man, it's important to feel good about the size and shape of your penis. But it's also useful to consider women's perceptions of penis size.

In 2007, researchers looked at more than 50 research projects spanning more than 60 years, including more than 50,000 men, and found the following:

85% of women are satisfied with their partner's penis size, while only 55 percent of men are satisfied.

90% of women prefer a wide penis to a long one.

In 2015, researchers found that women may prefer a wider penis for short-term sexual experience.

However, they prefer their long-term partner to have a penis of more average size. They concluded that it might be the "novelty factor" behind their interest in larger sizes.

The reality is that women often find very large penises uncomfortable during sex. As they say, it's not the size of the ship that matters, it's the movement of the ocean!

4. How to make your penis appear bigger?

Before considering scale-up techniques, here are some ways to make your penis look bigger, both for yourself and others:

Lose weight - if you are overweight, extra padding can make your penis look smaller.

Shave or trim your pubic hair - if you trim or shave, you may find that your penis looks bigger.

Don't look down - when you're looking down at your penis, the Angle always makes it look smaller. Instead, look at yourself in the mirror.

Don't compare your downward Angle to other men - if you're in a Shared locker room, you'll look smaller when you look at yourself and other men. So think about what your penis looks like in a mirror.

Measure yourself correctly - if you measure yourself with a ruler, don't just lean on your skin. Place the ruler on top of the penis and push it into the pubic bone.

Remember your age - men develop at different times, so there's no need to compare yourself to others. Your penis may continue to grow until your early 20s.

Don't compare yourself to adult movie stars - men in adult movies often choose their abnormally large size, so try not to compare yourself to them.

Consider counseling - research shows that in many cases, counseling helps men feel better about their bodies.

5.Expanding technology

l  Penis stretcher/traction device

In theory, a penis stretcher works by applying traction to the penis and slowly stretching it over time. This is the only non-surgical technique with good research support.

l  Penile vacuum pump

Penile vacuum pumps are used to treat erectile dysfunction because they help improve erectile strength.

They work by creating a vacuum and sucking blood into the penis. As a result, it is sometimes marketed as a way to increase penis size.

The downside is that they may only enlarge the penis for a short time after use. There is little scientific research on their effectiveness in permanently increasing size.

l  Stretch and jelqing

Stretching and jelqing both involve penis exercises and simply increase your penis size naturally with both hands.

Jelqing is like stretching, using a milking motion to force blood into the penis and slowly dilate the part that holds the blood. In theory this causes penis growth.