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What are the penis sleeves?

Penis sleeves are a kind of sex toys, usually made of medical polymer materials. The head part of the penis sleeve is generally solid, soft and elastic. The sleeve of the penis sleeve is usually hollow and thickened. The outer part of the penis sleeve is mostly floating point, granular design, and the bottom end has spikes. Designed to stimulate sensitive areas.

The role of the penis sleeves

The main function of the head of the penis sleeve is to make the male with short penis play a role in prolonging the genitals. The role of the thick sleeve of the penis sleeve makes the male or vaginal female with weaker penis strengthen the stimulation and plays a role of increasing the delay. The wolf cover simultaneously massages the sexually sensitive parts of the female to stimulate the local nerves and achieve the purpose of improving the quality of sexual life.

Penis sleeves are very stimulating in sex. It uses a super-high simulation penis design that attracts women. The thick penis is soft and elastic, and it is more realistic and sexy. The front end of the penis sleeve is thickened to reduce the sensitivity of the glans and prolong the sex time. The comprehensive multi-dimensional structure of the penis sleeves, the distribution of large particles around the sleeve, can effectively enhance the friction of the inner wall, the degree of stimulation is extraordinary, very popular with women.

How to use the penis sleeves?

1. Choose the appropriate penis sleeve.

Choose the appropriate size of the condom according to the size of the penis.

2. Scrub with 75% medical alcohol.

Before use, it is best to disinfect first to avoid bacterial infection.

3. Wear on the penis.

When using it, carefully unpack the package, use your fingers to squeeze out the air in the front pocket of the condom, wear it on the erect penis, and make sure that the curled end is exposed.

4. Withdrawal Immediately after ejaculation, press the bottom of the condom with your hand.

After the penis is completely removed from the vagina, remove it and treat it with care. Note: If necessary, water-based lubricants should be used. Oily lubricants (such as glycerin and white petrolatum) can cause the burr to rupture. After ejaculation, the penis is still erect, should be pulled out by the edge of the penis sleeve. Do not leave the penis sleeves in your wallet or near a heat source for a long time.

Are the penis sleeves disposable?

The penis sleeves are used once and are used many times. The one-time use may be relatively thin, avoiding the trouble of cleaning for multiple uses, and the problem of breeding bacteria that may be avoided by multiple uses, but the disposable penis sleeves are more wasteful. Penis sleeves that are used multiple times do not have to go to the store multiple times. You only need to do a reasonable cleaning after using them to continue using them for the next time.

What is the difference between a penis sleeve and a condom?

1. the difference in appearance

The softer condoms usually do not form a column directly, but the penis sleeves are fine. It is like a plastic shell that can be placed and set up normally. However, the penis sleeves are not as hard to use. They are very elastic and can be easily placed on the penis.

2. the difference between the effects

After the man wears the penis sleeves, the most direct effect is that the volume of the penis increases and becomes thicker. This kind of change is not only seen by men themselves. In sex, women are also very clear and can feel big and thick. The ordinary condom is just a contraceptive effect, and does not make the male penis look enlarged and thicker."

3. the difference in thickness

Penis sleeves are thicker than regular condoms, which reduces men's sensitivity in sex and increases men's duration in sex.

4. penis sleeves can replace condoms

Since the front end of the penis sleeve is closed, it can completely replace the role of the condom. Just after ejaculation, you need to pull out the penis as soon as possible to avoid semen flow.