Realistic Dildo

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Hands free Realistic Big Dildo Toy with Suction Cup Female Sex Doll..

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The Realistic dildo provides perfect sexual fantasies by recreating a dynamic lover. Some anatomically correct life, such as a dildos, has a strong penis shaft that can be inserted quickly; others have plasticity that can be gently and slowly touched.

Who should get a Realistic dildo

I will argue that for every woman in the world (and in some cases a man), a dildos would be a great choice for regular masturbation. They allow you to experiment with different sizes, different designs and different materials to see what you like. They are a great first time to enter the wonderful world of sex toys, and in my opinion, everyone will benefit from a wonderful and big realist dildos! Whether you are single or in a relationship, heterosexuality or homosexuality/bisexuality...they are an incredible part of any sex toy collection.
If you have any of the following, you must consider buying one of the most Realistic dildos:
1. You are eager to be penetrated by men, but you want to experience this feeling alone in your comfortable bedroom.
2. You want to try a new exotic pose, and men are impossible... sucker is your answer! You can stand, sit, take a shower, and exercise these Realistic dildos... The possibilities are endless!
3. You want to try different sizes and shapes in your body to find out what you like best and what gives you the greatest happiness. For example, you may find that the curve shape can perfectly massage your G point. Don't be afraid to experiment!
4. You want to expand your border by increasing the circumference. I wish the men good luck!
5. You want to completely control when you make love and how to make love. Your dildos is always a good boy!
6. You want to experience the girl's action on the girl with a Realistic dildos.

How to choose the best Realistic Dildo

The huge choice of different vibrators may make beginners feel very scared. I also experienced this process when I wanted to buy my first Realistic dildos. I saw so many different shapes and sizes, I don't know which design suits me and which one doesn't. To help you pick the most realistic vibrator for yourself, I highlight some important points to consider:


When choosing the size of a dildos, you should first consider your level of experience. Have you used sex toys? What type of sex life do you like the most – your own feeling of fullness, or a precise massage of a part, such as G? If you like the feeling of full body, then I suggest you use a 1.5 inch diameter artificial penis. If you want something more slender, in order to caress the vagina carefully, then the 1.25-inch real and true penis on this list will be your best choice. A smaller dildos will be informal, comfortable to use and the perfect first step into the world of dildos.


In addition to the perimeter of the dildos, you should also consider the length. Even if you like the feeling of fullness, I would recommend that all of you start with a short penis. Very long dildos can be very impressive from the outside, but they are often difficult to handle, unless it has a suction cup, you may find that you always need your partner to use your dildos correctly and comfortably. However, if you have some experience behind, you already know how to work with these Realistic dildos, then go do it big!


Silicone is usually the most Realistic dildos, the smoothest and most Realistic dildos. One of the most important factors in artificial penis is the material. If the artificial penis is made of cheap rubber or even plastic, then no matter how good the design is, it will not feel real. The form of silicone varies widely, from slimy silicones to rock-solid silicones. They all feel different, but they all have one thing in common: they are non-porous. Non-porous artificial penis is very practical because they are easy to clean and leave no bacteria. It is not possible to clean porous materials such as TPE 100% because they always leave some dirt and bacteria inside, even if you do your best to scrub and clean them.


Although these Realistic dildos look very similar in appearance, they feel very different during use. Even the smallest curve on the top of the penis can completely change your experience, depending on where you are most sensitive. Some women (including me) like their G-spot being touched, and in this case, the curve model will have a long way to go to improve the overall experience. In addition to the curved model, there are various artificial penis designs with twists, bends and textures, but I recommend that all beginners use some small and simple things without any crazy textures.

Suction cup

Do you want to use these most Realistic dildos in the shower? Do you like to stand and make love? If so, then a man-made penis with a suction cup at the bottom would be very helpful. These suction cups allow you to place your dildos on any plane so that you can use these dildos without your hands. I can say from my personal experience that using DILDOS hands-free can increase realism, which is different from anything else. I like to beat my penis in the shower!