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Women Massager

Mini Automatic Heating Wand Massager Rechargeable 12 Mode Sex Toy Women Couple India
₹7,822.0 ₹3,520.0

Premium-grade silicone body wand massager, non-toxic and harmless to human body and your skin.12 vib..

Vibrator Rechargeable 8 Speeds 20 Vibration Modes Adult Sex Toy India
₹5,340.0 ₹3,200.0

The personal vibrator features 8 powerful speeds & 20 vibration patterns that are available from..

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How should girls choose women massager "vibrators"?

Type of women massager

Women massager “Bullets eggs”

Used to stimulate the vulva, clitoris. Simple operation, suitable for beginners who are new to toys.

The shape of the bullets egg is more beautiful, suitable for women to carry around, it looks like an ornament, and will not be embarrassed because someone else sees you with a vibrating egg. The angle of inclination of the particles that protrude inside it has been carefully calculated to give you a wonderful stimulating feeling.

Wired vibrating egg

The vibrating egg is often used as a partner before sex and is active in flirting. It is the most interesting sex toy in adult products. It can stimulate the sensitive parts of the clitoris, breast, anus, and vagina. With waterproof, vibration frequency and other styles.

We all know that bullets eggs, also known as vibrator eggs, are a kind of sex toys. It is used for vaginal masturbation. Due to its small size, it can be placed in the vagina. It can also be used to stimulate the clitoris and nipples. The vibrating egg has an egg-shaped part, some are wired, some are wireless. and The wireless vibrating egg usually has a rope placed outside the body.  After use, the string can be pulled out of the vagina or anus, otherwise it may get stuck inside. Care should be taken to prevent secretions from flowing out.

Wired and wireless remote control eggs, partners can use together, experience a stronger vibration effect in sex, wireless remote control distance of up to 10 meters, not affected by clothing, penetration is extremely strong. In the case of not using wireless, the intensity of wired deep winter is 150% stronger than that of wireless. The small and cute shape, no one knows in the bag, enjoy life no longer secretly, he can accompany you in any need you need it. At any time, he can also play a 12-point spirit to serve you and bring you comfort! This is the first choice for women massagers.

Wireless bullets egg

The earliest vibrating egg has a cable to control the vibrating egg vibrating, and the wireless remote control vibrating egg is produced, which is more convenient for couples or personal masturbation. Some remote control distances are more than ten meters, so many people like to put the vibrating eggs in the body and walk outside with the vibrating eggs, so that both partners feel more exciting. This kind of vibrating egg is sold in the online shopping malls of the regular adult products in India.

But most girls don't care about wired and wireless, they choose sex toys that look good.

Women massager "vibrators"

The types of vibrators are dazzling, roughly divided into: AV sticks, G-sticks, bifurcation sticks, bead sticks, simulation penis

AV stick

The characteristics of the AV stick are obvious, the shapes are simple and similar, a large head, a stick body, and a thin neck, like a bottle, a microphone, and an ice cream. A common toy in AV is used to stimulate the vulva, which is shocking and shocking. Although it is not possible to put the vibrating stick into the body, it is more irritating, and even if it is separated by underwear, it can make women reach a climax in a few minutes.

G spot vibrator

Designed to stimulate G-spots. It is easier to hit the G point than the finger. Nowadays, the market is sold in thick and short, to meet your various needs. The basic shape of the G-stick is similar to a small stick. The length and thickness of different styles are different. Some G-spots have a smooth surface and the front section is tilted up. The purpose is to make the raised part better stimulate the G-point; some G-sticks are similar in shape to the fake penis, but shorter than it, the root is one more Can stimulate the vulva and clitoris.

Bifurcation rod

It can be understood as a combination of two kinds of rods. The stick enters the body, and the fork sticks the vulva, both inside and outside, and the pleasure comes with it.

Turning rod

Vibrating stick + beads, rolling the stimulation of private parts, a new 360-degree experience. The operation is not difficult, but it is too exciting. It is not recommended for novices.


Like its name, it is a sex toy that mimics the male penis.

Above we introduced a variety of women massager, do you have a favorite to buy? Browse our website to see which one you prefer.