About Viva Awa

Viva Awa is a Singapore-based multinational trading company specializing in providing a wide range of high quality, competitively priced fun sex toys to our customers. Viva Awa brings together all styles of sex toys onto one single platform. On our website you can find a variety of sex toys. We offer male sex toys, female sex toys, gay sex toys, lesbian sex toys, sex toys for couples. Customers can choose the sex toys that suit their size or their favorite color according to their needs. In India, talking about sex is taboo. In the store, you can only buy condoms and lubricants. Moreover, many people find it inconvenient or embarrassing when buying lubricants and condoms. Most people have to choose to buy masturbation and flirting sex toys from other regions online. And our products let Indians experience high quality sex life.

For embarrassing Indians who buy lubricants and condoms at stores, it's best to buy intimate or sex toys from the Viva Awa online store.

Viva Awa's products are made of high qualities materials. High quality products are safer for customers. Viva Awa pays more attention to the development of styles for sex toys. Specific new special sex toys are introduced. Bringing a different sexual life experience to Indians.


What do we offer?

Our Viva Awa online store offers Indians more types and more brands of sex toys than any of our competitors. You can buy different types of vibrator, dildo and dongs, masturbators, anal toys, sex stimulants, lubricants, bondage toys, flesh light etc. These sex toys for online India will bring fun to your sex life.

Each product is accompanied by detailed product descriptions, dimensions, colors, materials, etc., which are convenient for customers to choose. We offer a variety of online payment methods to help our customers seamlessly get their own fun toys in India. Our products can be delivered to all cities in India as well as the rest of the world. No matter where you are, you can choose us.

We often launch discount products during specific festivals, please pay attention to it, if you don't want to miss out from the discount, just subscribe to our newsletter, and we will send an email to inform you prior to the promotion events.


Our most important thing is confidentiality

We use unmarked, non branded packaging. We will not display the product name on the courier package. No one can know what product you are buying. We will protect your identity and privacy. Every step is kept confidential during the purchase and payment process.


Talk to us

We have established good improvement and communication mechanisms. Do you have any comments or suggestions for our services, our products, you can contact us with email: [email protected]. We will respond to your comments or suggestions within 24 hours. We sincerely thank our customers for their support and trust. We will work harder to provide better products.