Lubricant Banana Cream Sex Lube Body Massage Oil Lubricant for Anal Sex Grease Oral Vaginal Love Gel 30ml
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1. Stimulate libido, improve sensitivity and enhance pleasure sensation2. Bright and transparent, co..

Lubricant Strawberry Cream Sex Lube Body Massage Oil Lubricant for Anal Sex Grease Oral Vaginal Love Gel 50ml
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1. Stimulate libido, improve sensitivity and enhance pleasure sensation2. Bright and transparent, co..

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Lubricant is not just to make the garbage easier to slide - although it does a good job. It is also important to use it to avoid injury, tearing or discomfort.
Moreover, the use of sex lubricant oils should not be ashamed, because it is basically a sex toy that can heat things, cool them, and make your body feel stinging. 
Sex lubricant is not just a bunch of interesting things that can be used to play with many textures, feelings and tastes.
Yes, the use of lubricants reduces the risk of tearing and injury, especially when you have anal sex or very violent insertions.

What exactly is Lubricant?

Don't confuse the lubricants used by local auto repair shops. The lubricants we are obsessed with are lubricants for sexual pleasure and comfort. They add moisture or slip, making the feel smoother and more natural, in other words, they add oil to the wheels of love.

Why do you need a lubricant?

It doesn't sound obvious, but it needs to increase lubrication!
Women or people who are naturally lubricated by the vagina depend on hormone levels, and hormone levels vary during our cycle, during menopause, during pregnancy, and during stress, breastfeeding, and some medication contraception.

When should I use a lubricant?

With condom

Condoms are usually lubricated, but in intense and/or persistent sexual activity, the lubrication will dry out. Dry condoms are easy to the effect of a condom is only equivalent to the lubricant you add.

With dental dams

The dental dam is a soft plastic latex or polyurethane side that is used to cover the female genital area, or the anus, during sexual intercourse to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Using these lubricants on the vulva/anal contact side will make the experience more enjoyable.

For anal sex and anal toys

The anus cannot be naturally lubricated. This is why it is extremely important to use lubricants when enjoying anal pleasure. Even if it is not necessary, it may cause anal fissure when not used during anal sex, and it will be felt only a few hours after sexual intercourse.

How to use lubricant?

Regardless of which sex lubricant online you decide to use, remember to apply it on your fingertips first, then apply it wherever you want, whether it is vulva, vagina, anus, penis, sex toy, condom or any other part of the body. (Some lubricants feel very good on the nipple).
There are no general rules about how much lubricant you should use. It depends on a person's natural lubrication level, if you use a condom or not, the type of sexual activity you are engaged in (foreplay, massage, anal sex, vaginal sex) and the specific product you choose.
Start with a few drops (two to three drops) and see what happens: if you are satisfied, stop, if you are not satisfied, add another drop.
It is important to remember that, unfortunately, not all lubricants are eternal. After a while, your private area will dry again, so you need to add a little more lurrrve juice.
Make sure your lubricant is compatible with your toy. Silicon-based lubricants can damage your toy's silicone, so choosing a water-based lubricant is safe.
Make sure your sex lubricant is compatible with the condom you use. Like petrolatum and other oils (such as hazelnut oil), oil-based lubricants are incompatible with condoms because they make the condom porous, making condoms less secure and more susceptible to cracking. They also change the pH and bacteria levels in your intimate parts, leading to infection.
Check if you are allergic to any ingredients of the lubricant before use. Patch testing is the easiest way to discover.
Lubricants are not contraceptives. Most of them do not contain spermicides, so they do not prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.