Sex Toys In Bangalore

3 in 1 Automatic Penis Water Vacuum Pump India Penis Enlargement Rechargeable Male Masturbator With 5 Suction Power
₹15,600.0 ₹9,800.0

3-In-1 CombinationBased on the male masturbation cup, it adds a more powerful sucking and clamping f..

6.3 Inch India Cheap Cock Sleeves Increased Length 2 Inches 33% More Girth Penis Sleeve Online India
₹7,999.0 ₹2,599.0

Isn’t it time that you took your sex life back and reignite the love, passion, and sex! Stop li..

7.1/5.9/5.7Inch(18/15/14.5CM)3Size Hollow Strap On Dildo Vibrating Belt Dildo Buy Sex Toy India
₹6,999.0 ₹3,999.0

An excitingly lifelike strap-on system designed for vibrating hands-free enjoyment, This Hollow harn..

7.8Inch 20CM Strap On Dildo Strapless Realistic Dildo Silicone Harness Dildos Fake Penis Lesbian Sex Toy India
₹6,500.0 ₹3,999.0

Medical Grade Silicone Dildo, Skin -Friendly, Body Safe.Soft, comfortable nylon straps on, giving yo..

8.1Inch 20CM Vibrating Realistic Dildo India G-Spot Dildos 360° Rotation Thrusting Wireless Waterproof Sex Toys
₹12,320.0 ₹6,999.0

Multi-functional Vibrating DildosThe unique 4 in 1 dildo vibrator with vibrating, 360° rotation, aut..

8.3Inch 21CM Vibrating Dildo India Realistic Telescopic Penis Rotation Heating G-spot Stimulation Wireless Automatic Sex Toy
₹12,945.0 ₹5,999.0

This thrusting dildo vibrator should be highly recommended!When I saw this automatic telescopic &..

Animal Penis Realistic Wolf Dildo Big Size Cock Anal Plugs Sex Toys
₹4,693.0 ₹2,800.0

This big bad wolf is worth getting!The sex toy is lifelike wolf's penis, the glans is a small empty ..

Artificial Penis Sleeve India Cock Sleeve Soft Liquid Silicone
₹8,999.0 ₹3,500.0

A superior quality extender built to give a lifetime of pleasure!Feature:Revolutionary Silicone Natu..

Automatic Penis Pump 3 Suction Intensities Electric Penis Enlarger India Male Enhancement
₹12,999.0 ₹6,999.0

Spice up Your Sex Life, But Also Great for Solo Pleasure. This medical penis enhancer prevents from ..

Automatic Penis Pump With Masturbation Sleeve 2 in1 Rechargeable Electronic India Male Masturbator Sex Toy
₹12,999.0 ₹6,999.0

Automatic Cock Vacuum Pump with TPE Male Masturbator for Stronger Bigger ErectionFully automatic coc..

Automatic Penis Vacuum Pump With 4 Suction Intensities Stronger Bigger Erection India Male Penis Pump Enlarger LCD Screen Rechargeable
₹15,999.0 ₹6,999.0

Professional ConfigurationSafe Use: LCD screen and the transparent chamber with a measurement gauge ..

Brown Realistic Penis Enlargement In India Penis Sleeve With Soft Liquid Silicone
₹8,999.0 ₹3,500.0

Male: 66% thicker + 2 inches immediately! The material of the penis sleeve is amazingly realistic..

Flapping Anal Vibrator Butt Plug Prostate Massager Three Motors 24 Vibrations Anal Sex Toys India
₹19,999.0 ₹5,999.0

New Designed Prostate Massager with Flapping FunctionOur Hitting Prostate Massager is sleekly design..

G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator India Waterproof Rechargeable Adult Sex Toys for Women
₹12,999.0 ₹3,999.0

Waterproof for bath and shower funVibrator is 100% waterproof which means you can use it even under ..

G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator Remote Control Couple Vibrator Dual Motor 12 Vibrations Waterproof Adult Sex Toy India
₹19,999.0 ₹4,299.0

Powerful Vibrator & QuietNewly upgraded powerful vibrator, but no need to worry about noise, and..

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Bangalore is a Cosmopolitan city and called the IT hub of India, it is one of the most happening places surrounded by tech companies, pleasant weather, lip-smacking food, amazing work culture which attracts people from all over the nation. What drives Bengaluru and its diverse demographic is a passion which can be seen in the way theyve embraced sex toys and adult products too.

Bangalore is one of the only cities to fully explore the potential of sex toys, the bold and intrigued clientele here wants to try everything, experiment and explore their sexual desires with the help of sex toys.

The absence of a physical store in Bangalore brings the population to the online market for satisfaction and rightfully so since almost everyone shopping for adult products want a discreet shopping experience and delivery option.

One can find masturbation products for both men and women like vibrators and penis sleeves or marital aids to be gifted to a couple; all in all, with a large selection of adult toys and accessories online an open-minded city like Bangalore, can indulge in their desires and needs. This city sees people from all walks of life experiencing their fantasies with sex dolls, vibrators, bondage kits, sex furniture and more.

Sex Toys for Men in Bangalore

Sex toys In Bengaluru for men range from a wide selection of masturbation toys to enhancement and enlargement ones; more people each day want to experience something different and unique in Bangalore.

Male Masturbators in Bangalore

We may start by elaborating a bit upon what masturbators actually are. Thus, a masturbator can be defined as a sex toy that helps men jerk off in an easy and convenient manner. The whole experience of jerking becomes more much more pleasurable with the use of masturbators. These are the most selling sex toys from the men’s category. Men always prefer portable sex toys which could fit in their pockets. it Is it fleshlights or penis rings, all sex toys that are. We have covered all these sex toys on our sex toys portal. Customer satisfaction is our sole priority.

Men are in the city of Bengaluru have traditionally been more open to the use of masturbators than any other city in this nation. This showcases the importance of sexual and welfare awareness among the citizens of a nation. Thus, masturbators are a great way of exploring one’s own real self. It also helps one to fulfill his sexual desires and fantasies. Therefore, the use of masturbators is something that should be encouraged a lot more. These masturbators are of no harm to human existence. Thus, we do not see any reason why you should not be using a masturbator to enhance your sexual experience.

There are various types of masturbators that are available in the market to fulfill the sexual needs and fantasies of men in the Garden City. You can always get back to us in case of any kind of issues. We will make sure that your issues are resolved in the most polite manner. We care for you like nobody else. You matter to us.  

Prostate Massager in Bangalore

If you are looking to enhance your sexual experience, Bangalore has the right idea, intensify your orgasms and the overall act of love with a prostate massager and Explore all the fun that comes with it. Including a prostate massager in the mix and add to your foreplay as well and make it easier for the couple to take things slow (especially if the male counterpart suffers from PE or ED)

Penis Pump in Bangalore

A lot of orders from Bangalore speak of penis enhancement, the penis pump is an effective, safe and commonly used method for penis enlargement. The bold Bangalore dwellers apparently love it bigger and better in the bedroom.

Cock Ring in Bangalore

Vibrating cock rings and non-vibrating cock rings are little powerhouses, as compact and simple as they are, the pulsating effects of a cock ring can bring a lot of pleasure during masturbation for men and to both the partners when worn during intercourse. Bangalore orders quite a few of these sex toys for men.

Penis sleeves In Bangalore

Bangalore enjoys playing it safe and going bold with it at the same time, penis sleeves are one such product frequently ordered, this condom like product is used as a penis enlargement sex toy and comes usually in various textures; making the experience orgasmic for a female partner while giving the illusion of a thicker and bigger penis. Demand for men's sex toys in Bangalore has shown remarkable increase last year.

Sex Toys for Women in Bangalore

Women have not really been lucky when it comes to orgasms. Yes, they do have the capacity to produce multiple orgasms but men all across the world have not really been able to make women climax in the way they would like to. Thus, putting up with the need of the hour sex toys offer women in Bengaluru a perfect way out from the never-ending circle of not getting enough of sexual satisfaction. Thus, women can use a variety of sex toys to explore their own bodies and fetch the best out of themselves.   No matter how poor your partner played during intercourse. You have always got a backup ready for attaining ultimate pleasure. Moreover, you can also use these sex toys with your partner. Yes, you can always ask your partner to play with you.

In Bangalore, despite people having a great nightlife, everybody needs a partner in bed. Hence, partners company fulfilled by these sex toys. You can always carry these in your purse. These were always designed so that they are easy to use as well as hide. Here is a list of some sex toys available for women at VIVA AWA.

Vibrator in Bangalore

Bangalore orders consist off a large number of vibrating toys for pleasure; the classic vibrators are extremely popular and can spice up a relationship. Take pleasure into your hands with a variety of vibrators available in different styles, sizes, shapes, and settings. The vibrations can stimulate the vaginal walls and cause the orgasmic release you’re looking for.

Dildo in Bangalore

The realistic phallus shaped Dildo sex toys are also a popular choice, mostly because many women prefer having the control that comes with a non-battery-operated toy. With a Dildo, you can control the speed, intensity and thrusts the way you like (or the way your partner does)

Bondage Toys in Bangalore

Sex Swing in Bangalore

The excitement and the wait leading up to a BDSM act can be satisfying foreplay in itself and sex furniture like Sex swings play a big role in them. Bangalore orders records and surveys have proven that it is the only city experimenting and dabbling majorly in the art of Bondage which is why Sex swings of different sizes and types are bought largely from Bangalore.

Bondage Kit in Bangalore

Bondage Kits are ordered a great deal from Bangalore, this versatile kit includes an exciting range of products to use mostly consisting of restraint and pain products, these are perfect as a gift for a couple of newlyweds or ones celebrating their anniversaries.

Despite the fact, Bondage is big in the city to form a BSDM community, the 2nd spot is taken by the sex toys in Bangalore.

Unisex Toys in Bangalore

Apart from the classic Vibrators, dildos, prostate massagers, condoms and lubes there is a range of Unisex toys that can be enjoyed by men and women both, a bold step towards pleasure and fun can be taken with unisex adult toys and accessories.  Butt Plug in Bangalore are popular and frequently bought, there are different styles, shapes, and materials of butt plugs available to suit everyone’s needs.

Anal toys can be extremely sexy and a teaser when it comes to foreplay, gift it to your special someone with a hint that you want to explore something different in the bedroom.

There is sufficient rainfall in Bangalore. So, the demand for sex toys in Bangalore is on a rise throughout the year. At VIVA AWA, you will get  sex toys for singles as well as couples. Our company provides you with the demanded products with complete customer satisfaction.