Hands Free Masturbators

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Hands Free Masturbators
Best Male Hands Free Masturbators India.Cheap male sex toys, adults strokers & masturbators online India.

Feeling frustrated when masturbating. Is it right for you?

What do you think about sex? Of course sex is must better than masturbation with hand. You can perform sex like masturbation with Hand free masturbator.

Pesuedo sex with hip movement or automatic electric stimulation with different types of hand free masturbator is feature of the Hands Free Masturbators.

For solo play by a beginner? We are not recommending. Beginner should try Handheld masturbator first. We are suggesting to expert user to choose their suitable one first and way of method to use it.

What is Hands Free Masturbators?

The hands-free masturbator is a male toy that relieves hand discomfort and provides hands-free fun. Hands-free male masturbation is an advanced category in male toys. Masturbation is fun, but it puts pressure and tension on the wrist. For hands-free masturbation, men need another person or another hand. But what about personal meetings? In this case, men should go with hands-free masturbation. They make it for this. Hands-free masturbators completely ignore hand efforts.

Now, how it pleasure and neglect the hand pain? There are types of hand free masturbator that work there on way.

Hands-free masturbation with a suction base is one of them. Its suction base snaps to the wall, allowing hands to move freely. It covers the penis, now you have to use it for hip exercises. The electric type is also another type of it. It provides completely relaxed strokes such as pumping, sucking, vibration, etc. There are many options for hands-free masturbation. Some models are designed to increase endurance and can improve small length problems. Realistic sex dolls and big ass toys can be part of hands-free masturbation. Because you don't need to move these male toys by hand.

Beginner can harm themselves if they try hand free masturbator at first. If you really want to try it, then should check the internal texture. If the internal texture is simple and straight, then you can go for it. An expert can use any of it because we know you are looking for some more intense and wild.

Features of Hands Free Masturbators

One of the features of Hands free masturbator is, it gives pseudo sex to the men in their solo masturbation time. It is one of masturbator type that most men prefer to use.

Waist swing and pseudo sex

Men enjoy the waist swing movement in the actual sex. Waist swing movement offers better stimulation to the men. Is it possible to have waist swing masturbation? Yes, it is possible after the Hand free masturbator.

Hand free masturbators are able to give sexual pleasure like actual sex. Men just have to find their suitable masturbator, Check our guide How to choose suitable masturbator. It can be suction base or large masturbator or something else. Types of hand free masturbator are available in the market that gives waist swing movement and real sex like feel in the solo session.

Structure of Hands Free Masturbators

Numbers of hands-free masturbators are available in the market with different shapes and sizes. Every person has their own sexual needs and their own penis sizes. The structure of hand free masturbator varies from small to large, suction base to flat base, automatic to manual, etc. The structure or the feature of hand free masturbator also affects the price of masturbator. Men should first decide their budget and later find their desire masturbator.

What is Hands Free Masturbators for?

Hands free masturbators are for men. It enhances the men's masturbation session. There are a lot of men who love to use masturbator and agree that they are more pleasurable than real sex. Well, the opinion to use masturbator is varying from person to person.

Good point and bad point of Hands Free Masturbators

Let's check the good point and bad points of hand free masturbator.

Good point

One of the good points of hands free masturbator, it delivers the high-cost performance to the user. Now, there is no need to use the hands for masturbation. Hand free masturbator upgrades the masturbation power and sells. A lot of men are searching for masturbator that gives them a hand free play. Now men can use masturbator as long as they want. Accept that, hand free masturbator is a perfect replacement of real women. The pleasure of sex will match to the pleasure of this type of masturbator.

Bad point

Hands free masturbator like large masturbator are harder to girth by hand, you need to shake the waist. It is like actual sex but such masturbators are heavy in weight. You troublesome while maintenance of hand free masturbator. Men who are stick to the washing of masturbator immediately after the masturbation, they feel such masturbator complicated.

To use hand free masturbator, it is essential to have baby powder. Because the material of masturbator get sticky and damage the masturbator day by day by bleeding of oil.

Hands Free Masturbators Recommended People

If you're fading from pain in your hands and you want something that gives you real sexual pleasure, a hands-free masturbation device will be your choice. This is the best alternative for fake women. Men can enjoy hands-free pleasures like real sexual intercourse through this type of masturbation.

There are many forms of hands-free masturbation, some are automatic and some are manual. Height masturbation can bring pleasure. This kind of masturbator can change the speed of thrust and the speed of vibration by himself. But automatic masturbation is more expensive than manual handsfree.

Difference between Hands Free Masturbators and hand held masturbator

Hand free masturbator and handheld masturbators are two different types of masturbator categories for the male. Hands free masturbators can be used without hands where handheld masturbator can be used by hands movement. Hand held masturbator causes pain to the hand due to continuing use of the hand for thrusting. But with the hand free masturbator, men can enjoy the waist swing movement. It does not cause any hand pain to the men.

Types of Hands Free Masturbators

There are different types of hands-free masturbation devices, so men can choose the one they like. Check the following types of hands-free masturbation.

Shape, size

Like every sex toy, hands-free masturbation also varies with shape, size and function. Differences in size and shape can affect how pleasant a solo meeting is.

Fixed type (suction cup, etc.)

Oil-pumping hands-free masturbation is one of the famous. The masturbator comes with a suction base that can be easily fixed to walls, floors, doors, etc. It has a simple mechanism that can be fixed on the base. There are many sucker-type hands-free masturbators, some of which are vibrating, while others are not. Vibration will bring different pleasures due to different vibration modes and vibration modes.

Medium size

Medium-sized hands-free masturbation devices are a few inches longer than handheld masturbation devices. The user can fix the masturbator somewhere and use it for masturbation. Such male toys are available in vaginal and anal shapes. A medium-sized hands-free masturbator with a high-quality lubricant is recommended.

Torso, large

Large masturbators are too big to hold in our hands like real dolls. It gives men free masturbation. Users can enjoy natural stimulation by using a large masturbation device. Just place the big masturbator in a safe place and shake your waist to get a pleasant feeling similar to real sex. People who are looking for simple masturbation should use it with these large masturbations.


With an electric masturbator, you no longer need to stimulate the penis yourself. The electric hands-free masturbator is powered by batteries or batteries. This masturbation device provides dozens of stimuli by setting different speeds and stimulation modes.

There are three types of electric hand free masturbator available in the market, i.e. Rotary type, piston type and vibration type. According to sexual orientation, men can choose their type to satisfied sexual life. Men can enjoy the feeling of most comfortable insertion ever with electric type masturbator. The high degree of freedom and a high degree of pleasant with even no hand efforts is the attraction point of the electric hand free masturbator.

How to choose Hands Free Masturbators

First, whether you want a larger or smaller one, you must determine the type of masturbation that suits you. Most hands-free masturbation is large. Mini-masturbation cannot be used as hands-free masturbation. When choosing hands-free masturbation, you should now check its size, length, and weight. The weight of a masturbator varies with different masturbators. The heavier the masturbator, the more stable it is. In addition, you should consider the material of the masturbator. The soft material can bring real pleasure and joy to the penis. We recommend using soft materials such as TPE.

How to use Hands Free Masturbators

If you have sucker-type hands-free masturbation, you must first secure it in the desired position of the door, mirror, bed, chair, etc. Choose a place that makes you feel comfortable. Make sure it is installed at the proper height. Remove the suction cup base and secure it in your place. Use some romantic music to set the mood of masturbation. Drop a few drops of water-based or silicone-based lubricant into the opening of the masturbator. You can also use lube on the tip of the penis. Depending on your comfort, allow openings for masturbation.

If you have a large masturbator, you don't need to make height adjustments. You can fix it anywhere. Large masturbators are extremely stable due to their size. Also use lubricants with large masturbations. It is best to use a condom with a masturbator.

Maintenance and storage of Hands Free Masturbators

In order to keep the masturbation device longer, it must be washed after each play. It is easy to wash and clean the large hands-free masturbator after playing. It is a direct-penetrating formula, so use it under water. Men can wash with detergent or soap.

Avoid water flowing to the electric masturbator. Instead, wipe it off with a wet paper towel or towel. If you have a suction-based masturbator, remove the base and clean it separately. This is hygienic for you and your next game.

Men can store all masturbator at a single place with their box or some wrapping.

What is the attention point of Hands Free Masturbators?

Most of hand free masturbators are made by silicone material, especially large hand free masturbator. Silicone material is not good to use with silicone based lubricant. So first check your masturbator's material and decide your lubricant type.

Electric masturbators are operated by direct electricity, men should be careful while using it. There is little cut can give you heavy damage. Check your masturbator's wiring properly before use. Always choose the dry place to use and store the electric masturbator.