G Spot Vibrator

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What is G point ? where is it?

Point G is a 1-inch square area filled with many nerve endings. It is located at the front of the vaginal wall, approximately 2 to 3 inches from the vaginal opening. G-spot stimulation produces a lasting depth of pleasure that usually leads to climax. Positioning and pinpointing the G-point is tricky, but the G-spot toy is specifically designed to help you succeed in your climax exploration.

What is the G Spot Vibrator? What can it do for you?

You can immediately put tremendous pressure on this hard-to-find area with the G Spot vibe! G-point vibration is specially designed for a sensory curved body, so you can reach your G-point once the toy is inserted into your vagina. However, if you want to get double the fun with a toy, you can try a double-acting vibrator. This vibrator has a curved G-point massager (long axis) and a clitoral stimulator (small extension). When you wake up both erogenous zone at the same time, you can experience the so-called mixed orgasm.
With the double-acting G Spot vibe, you can reach both types of climax at the same time, sending a tsunami-like pleasure to your body.

How to use the G Spot Vibrator

Get your new G-spot vibe ready! This is how we use a G Spot vibe to process G-spot stimuli in three simple steps, so test it and experience unique internal stimuli with your new toy:

Relax with the foreplay

Take some time to relax and let your lady prepare for the G-spot game. You can first relax your sexual muscles with a clitoris and then naturally lubricate your vaginal canal, making it easier to insert a toy. If you are experimenting while your lover is present, you can try to masturbate or blowjob, so that you are more excited and relaxed in the main activities. You can also use your G-spot toy to stimulate your dessert to warm up.

Lube up

Use lubricant on your own and your new G-spot toy to make the insertion more comfortable. Because the G Spot vibe is usually curved, not as straight as a normal vibrator, you may need more lubrication. Try our high quality lubricants, such as Lele Personal Moisturizer.

Use G Spot Vibrator

Now that you are relaxed and ready to enjoy, you can continue to slowly insert the bullet vibrator feeling into your body and open the vibration. If your G Spot vibe has multiple vibration speeds or functions, this is when testing them, the vibration will help trigger the sensitivity of your G-spot. Make sure you put more pressure on your G-spot area as it may need to feel your G-spot. Use your toy's tip to find your G-spot and remember to avoid rushing to hunt. This is a great way to explore your main pleasure area (especially because we don't see the inside of the vagina). Once you hit your G-spot, when the blood rushes toward it like a clitoris, you will feel it getting bigger and harder. If you ejaculate after climax, you know when to ejaculate.

How to choose the best G Spot vibe?

To meet your unique sexual needs, the G Spot Vibrator has a variety of designs and features to customize your fun and have the best G-spot feel in your toy box.

Here are the different types of vibration G-spot toys for your entertainment

Double acting (CLIT+G-spot) + rotating beads

Not only can you use these vibrators to get a stimulating clitoris and G-spot massage, but you can also get extra internal stimuli with the rotating beads. These “triple threat” sex toys will give you a huge thrill, because you will experience a variety of unique feelings at the same time. Each G Spot vibe has a clitoral stimulator and rotating beads that rotate on the shaft, making you completely "spiral" out of control, reaching a thrilling orgasm.

Sleek and simple

Looking for a beginner-friendly G-spot massage or want a G-spot feel, slipping into your vagina with ease and comfort? Stylish and simple sex toys are your best choice. These cute and chic toys usually have a slim, smooth body that makes insertion simple and enjoyable. Most of these types of G Spot vibe have multiple levels of vibration intensity so you can personalize your fun.

Textured surface = extra-vaginal stimulation

For a G-spot fun-enhanced toy that gives you extra internal stimuli, the vibrator with texture or vibration patterns surface can help you achieve more vaginal awakening, which is a good complement to the iconic G-spot curve of these toys.

Realistic and intimate

To make your G-spot fun more intimate, try a realistic G Spot vibe. They are designed to look real, so you can use these realistic toys to achieve any of your fantasies.