Female Arousal Issues

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Female arousal issues in bed: from fun to fantasy

Wanting to please your partner is a key characteristic of a great lover. But what are female arousal issues in bed? The exact answer varies from person to person. But women are not the impossible mysteries you might think of, and they share many desires.

1. Being treated equally

Women are not delicate displays. They don't hate sex. They don't just want to please you. They're usually just like you. So think of them as equal partners in the bedroom. Remember, sex is not something you do to them, it's something you do together.

2.Have fun together

This may sound obvious, but women want to have a good time, playing in bed. Gender should not be serious and focused on orgasm; It should be about intimacy and direct fun. Can you make sure your partner have a good time? Of course, treat them equally, relax, don't be afraid to laugh together, and try something else that appears on this list.

3. Reach orgasm (or not)

So it's a confusing question. Orgasm is obviously amazing, and in an ideal world, most women would love an orgasm (or two) every time they have sex. However, for a variety of reasons, sometimes an orgasm does not occur. It usually has nothing to do with you, your skills, size, endurance, etc. What women want is that sometimes orgasms don't happen. Of course they want you to try. But they also want to be able to say "that didn't happen tonight," and that's not a problem. In other words, if they tell you they're not coming, they don't want you to take it as a challenge, or make them frustrated or angry. They just want you to say, 'don't worry! '

4. Pay attention to them

It's a cliche that women love to talk and listen to men, but it's not entirely true. Sexually they want a man who deserves attention. In bed, that means listening to her voice, watching the way her body moves, feeling her reactions. If you pay enough attention, you can tell what works and what doesn't. Listen, observe and react. And never assume that every woman has the same technique, position or "movement." They just don't.

5. Are asked what they like and want

And in the same instructions, if in doubt, ask. In fact, you might ask anyway. Find out what she likes, wants and is interested in trying. If sex doesn't seem to flow and lacks some magic, don't just lie there and try to imagine her as a big puzzle. She's right next to you, so please. A good woman will never judge your bedroom strength by your questions. If they do, it will be a positive way to act as a loving and compassionate lover.

6. You also need to make some noise

The vocal feedback you get from a woman will tell you whether what you're doing is right or wrong. Although you need to pay attention to her in bed, the opposite is true. This means you don't need to be the strong, silent type in bed. Moan, if you want to talk, do anything natural. Your partner will also rely on your signals to see if she is doing the right thing for you. So don't deprive her of valuable feedback.

7. More foreplay

Another cliche, but it's absolutely true: most women want more foreplay. Let's be honest female arousal issues: foreplay lubricates her, which in turn makes your sex life more enjoyable and less painful. This gives you and her the advantage of indulging in enough foreplay. How much is enough? This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on your two wishes. The researchers found that the average foreplay time was about 12 minutes. Most of the women surveyed were not happy with this time. So definitely more. Still, if you're paying attention to how her body reacts, you should know when to stop foreplay.

8.Understanding the clitoris is key

Penetration alone is often not enough to bring a woman to orgasm. A 2017 study found that only 18.4 percent of women had enough penetration to reach orgasm. Thirty-six percent said they also needed clitoral stimulation. Manual, verbal, even let them do it themselves during sex - it doesn't matter. It's important that the clitoris is involved. Not to mention: gentle. Gentle, smooth touch is necessary - do not press hard unless asked to do so.

9.You don't stop

While women understand the limitations of male physiology, they also want to have sex on their terms. That's a fair point. No one likes to have sex without orgasm, just to get their partner to stop because they have already done it. If you have problems with premature ejaculation, or if you are only having orgasms in front of your partner, please continue. Use your hands, mouth or sex toys. Don't deny their need for orgasms just because you already had yours.