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Lubes are specially designed lubricants for the human body. They have a wide range of applications and generally meet high safety standards.

A best lube for sex not only increases the lubrication effect during the intercourse; it also increases the sexual pleasure in the couple's sexual life. Lubes can help to make the sex life between husband and wife more harmonious and thereby enhancing the marital relationship. The best lube for sex can also effectively prevent the breakage of condoms and reduce the chance of accidental pregnancy.

People have tried to apply lubes to the human body very early, but a wide range of applications are still after 1950. Lubes were first used in clinical medicine for human body examination: Lubes can minimize the damage of medical devices to body tissues and mucous membranes.

Lubes application has a long history in human sexual life, except that people used vegetable oils in the early days, and the effect was not ideal and it was easy to contaminate clothes. Later, people also tried to use petroleum jelly such as petrolatum, baby oil, bath liquid and massage oil. Mineral oily substances are used as lubrication; these materials tend to be too viscous and difficult to clean. It is easy to cause residue after use and cause damage to the human body.

With the change of people's sexual concept, the use of sex toys has increased in sexual life. The human lubes fluid is continuously developed and applied in the lubrication of various postures, because of the special structure of the oral cavity and rectal cavity and mucosal epithelial cells. It is more susceptible to damage, so the use of a lubes specially developed for this purpose avoids damage and the resulting infection. Even many lubricating fluids themselves are sterilized and disinfected to inhibit the function of germs.

With the increasing demand for human lubricating fluids, the understanding of lubricants has gradually matured and began to accept these lubricating products. Human lubricants are beginning to increase people's individual needs. For example, different flavors (flavors) and color are added; or special functions such as spermicidal, moisturizing, and edible are added; these human sex lubes are also very artistic and interesting in design, so that people are better at used in sexual life.

Human sex lube also have a good acceptance in the Indian sex market. I believe that as people gradually change their sexual attitudes, they will accept the joy of sex and be more tolerant and understanding of the phenomena in various sexual life. Human sex lube will be popular on the market on a large scale.

What is lube used for sex

According to the composition of the lubricant, it can be divided into three types: water based lube, oil based lube and silicon based lube. The best lube in India currently sold in the market is mainly based on water based lube. Its benefits are good solubility, easy to be accepted by the human body, and easy to clean. Although this lubricant is relatively volatile, it is somewhat unsurpassed by other sex lubes – it does not dissolve latex and can be used with latex condoms.

Silicon based lube for anal sex

Oil based lube can dissolve condoms and are difficult to clean. There are not many oil based lube used in sex lube in India. However, it has the advantage of low dosage and long lubrication time, and it is widely used in medical and nursing applications (such as petrolatum, baby oil). Compared to oil based lube, silicone based lube have the same long-lasting characteristics as oil based lube, but silicone based lube do not dissolve condoms. Therefore, this silicone based lube is gradually accepted. At present, it is the best combination of underwater sex lubes and anal sex lubes. However, it should be noted that if you use a silicone-like fun toy, do not use a silicone based lube at the same time. Products with similar ingredients together can easily damage sex toys.

Use spermicidal sex lubes

In addition, according to the function of the lubes, there is a sex lube worth knowing about - the spermicide sex lubes. It should be noted here that when using spermicidal sex lubes alone, this kind of sex lube has only 70%-80% of the contraceptive success rate, which is not a very good method of contraception. But when used in combination with a condom, it is very safe.

So how are spermicide best lubes in India can be uesd? We know that the acrosome of the sperm is an important weapon to open the barrier around the egg and allow the sperm to combine. The spermicidal ingredient in the spermicidal sex lubes kills the sperm by destroying the sperm acrosome and prevents fertilization. There are also water based lubes and oil based lubes classifications for spermicidal lubes for people with different preferences.

Buy lube online in India is primarily for you

In the Indian online market, there are so many kinds of lubes. Which one is better? This is another question worth considering. However, before considering the smell, color and consistency of the lubricant, you should first check whether the sex lube will cause allergies in your body and the discomfort of your partner. After all, the lubes are easy to use, but also depends on whether you or your partner accept.

Lubricant has both use and fun features

One point to point out is that sex lubes are a kind of product that has both practical and interesting meanings in sex. Although some people are embarrassed to buy lubes,sex lubes are a simple item that everyone can adapt to.