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What do you wear for sex today?

I believe that many people know about sexy lingerie for sex. When a woman wears sexy lingerie in India, it will greatly stimulate the male hormones in the male body and let the males burn.

Wearing sexy lingerie in India, you can see the faint sexy beauty, while lingeries is always ray, carved, hollowed out, transparent or translucent, is to create a sense of glare, let women fascinated for their bodies, let men fantasize I am so excited that I want to tear off the underwear of a woman.

For men, a woman who is completely stripped naked is far less sexy than a woman lingeries in lingeries. In addition, the greatest charm is to let men in a peek into the mind, to meet the faintly visible shape of the inside of the small cloth. Lingeries is the most private and intimate gift that men give to women. When men choose this gift for their partner, they also send sexual fantasies as added value. He chose the style that best excites him, and hopes that the final gift will be returned to his sexual satisfaction. How to improve the quality of sexual life and women will be fascinated by the husband or boyfriend to send underwear to themselves, is satisfied with the intimate feeling that men regard her as the most intimate lover. When she wears the underwear she sends and sticks to her most intimate and sensitive parts, she will imagine how men can sexually fantasize about themselves and have sexual excitement and pleasure. Therefore, they are satisfied at the same time physically and psychologically.

Sexy lingerie style

Erotic uniforms, SM suits, garters, jumpsuits, body shaping, exposed breasts, sexy dresses, lingeries, etc. These classifications are not absolute, and there will be points of intersection with each other. The specific characteristics of the style are the standards.

The erotic uniform can be subdivided into student costumes, maid costumes, nurse costumes, flight attendants, witch costumes and other costumes named after character costumes. The style mainly reflects the characteristics of the professional characters, the students are pure and lively, the sorcerer's cold and cruel, the nurse's skillful and considerate, aiming to make people out of the role of life, freely, to stimulate the desire to conquer, enter the fantasy temple of the dream.


SM is a sex game in which both parties agree to achieve pleasure through pain. In the case of sadomasochism, one party acts as a abuser and one party acts as a abuser. When you are saddened, there is a feeling of being lost, self-integrating with the sexual partners, merging with the whole universe, the combination of pain and pleasure, and finally reaching the state of "ecstasy:". SM is the costume that plays the role.


The garter was originally designed to be tied to the stockings of the stockings with ribbons or elastic bands, and the upper end is attached to the buckled hem edge of the belt or tight body to prevent the stockings from slipping off. The elastic band connects the upper body to the stockings, and flickers under the high skirt, sexy and noble.

Siamese underwear

The name of the one-piece suit is derived from the separate body, and the upper body and the lower body are connected together. The suits are not separated, and are divided into one-piece suits and one-piece socks. The styles of the one-piece underwear are tight-fitting series, which perfectly presents the human body curve in the tightly wrapped design. Many of the connected underwear in the lingeries are also exposed to the outside of the underwear.

Body shaping

Designed according to the direction of fat growth, and the pressure of various parts of the human body, giving different pressures of strong, medium and weak. The strength of the pressure application is designed ergonomically so that it is comfortable to wear and achieve the best shape of the fat shifting body.

Sexy dress

There are long skirts and short skirts, because of its prominent "sex", with sex as the center, and different from ordinary skirts, the main performances are: prominent transparent, glamorous lace, or exposed breasts, or the pattern design highlights the wildness. Generally used in the same underwear or thong.

The overall match of sexy lingerie

First of all, we must understand the preferences of both parties:

If the preferences are not much different, you can pick the type that both parties like. If the preferences of the two parties are different, they will satisfy one person at a time. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the two parties that are absolutely unacceptable to the two parties. For example, some boys like stockings very much, and some of them are difficult to accept. In this case, the choice of stockings should be ruled out first.

Secondly, there is no need to stick to the original matching:

For example, the bra with a bundle can be paired with stockings and can also be worn with thongs. Bikini suits can be worn alone, or you can wear a shirt or loose robe, or you can add stockings. All the things on the handles are split and combined to make a variety of combinations.

Again, be clear about what you want:

The role-playing basic preferred uniform; the shirt is casual and convenient, relatively small and fresh; the garter is sexy and mature, and it is more suitable for the control; the nightdress is lazy and luxurious, and the young woman has strong attributes. The three-point bare area is large, and it is more suitable for the inner or the enthusiasm and direct atmosphere.

The last is to show your body sex:

We may inevitably be dissatisfied with our body. But I want to be dissatisfied again, and there is always a relatively satisfactory place. Then, when choosing sexy lingerie, you should choose products that can show your satisfaction and make you more confident in making love.

If you want to show long legs, the first choice should be garters, and some garters plus waist straps can greatly improve the waistline. In the choice of the upper body, whether it is micro fat or small breasts, you can choose a corset bra. The corset bra can tighten the abdomen, gather the chest, and lift the hips.

Of course, nightdresses are also an option. The loose nightdress hem just covers the underpants, or the irregular hem but the high waisted nightdress is a good choice for showing long legs.

In fact, the core interest of "sex lingerie" is aesthetic and imagination. There is no limit behind this. What kind of clothes may become erotic underwear under certain circumstances.

Learn more about all kinds of sexy women lingerie, find the advantages of the body, try more, and slowly find the right one for you.

Different people can choose their own unique lingeries according to their different preferences, bringing more fun to their life.

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