Tongue Vibrators

Tongue Vibrator India Oral Stimulator Licking 10 Modes Vibe Tickler Nipple Solo Orgasm Vaginal Anal Massager Couples Sex Toys
₹19,200.0 ₹3,999.0

Tongue vibrator design concept comes from real oral sex, we add super vibration and intensive stimul..

Tongue Vibrator with 10 Intense Vibration Modes Licking Vibrator for Famale Masturbator & Couples
₹12,999.0 ₹3,999.0

10 Powerful Vibration ModesEquipped with powerful motor, it has 10 different vibrating modes, you ca..

Vibrator Tongue G-Spot 10 Vibration Modes USB Rechargeable Adult Sex Toys For Couples Women
₹13,104.0 ₹4,999.0

What do you do when you want to enjoy some oral sex action and there are no willing candidates aroun..

Clit Stimulator G spot Vibrator Clitoral Tongue Vibrator Breast Nipple Sucker Female Masturbator Sex Toy India
₹20,800.0 ₹5,999.0

2 in 1 tongue vibrators and Clit StimulatorOwns the function of both tongue and vibrator , it's can ..

Tongue Vibrator 10 Modes Soft Licking Clit Couples Solo Blowjob Orgasm G Spot Clitoral Vibrator India
₹12,000.0 ₹4,999.0

This unique vibrator uses orgasmic licking technology to simulate a licking sensation, encircling yo..

2 in 1 Tongue Vibrator Penis Ring 10 Powerful Vibration Frequencies Clitoris Stimulator Oral Couples Sex Toys India
₹13,120.0 ₹6,560.0

Owns the function of both tongue vibrator and penis ring.As a tongue vibrator,it's uses orgasmic lic..

Clitoral Stimulator Silicone Tongue Vibrator Multi Speed Heatable Blowjob Orgasm Female Vibrator India
₹16,880.0 ₹8,440.0

Oral sex play would be able to give you the intimate ecstasy you was looking for!Tongue massager as ..

Couple Vibrator Clitoral 10 Mode Vibrator India Clit Nipples Female Sex Toys
₹22,398.0 ₹6,999.0

Explore a range of sensations from the wild percussion of the moving tips against your hotspots to c..

Couples Vibrator India Tongue Vibrator Oral Sex Clitoral Stimulator Adult Sex Toys
₹22,400.0 ₹5,999.0

This tongue vibrator is designed for clitoral stimulation with its soft, silicone ticklers simulatin..

Couples Vibrator India Vegina Clitoral Licking Tongue Vibrator Oral Sex Nipple Stimulator Adult Sex Toys
₹27,198.0 ₹7,999.0

How to use1. Long Press "Power button" to turn on the flower vibration.Press and hold to turn it off..

Female Masturbation India 10 mode Tongue Vibrator G Spot Clitoris Stimulator with Licking Function
₹20,798.0 ₹6,999.0

Original Licking DesignTongue Vibrator has three different modes to directly stimulate the clitoris...

Female Masturbation India 2 in 1 Tongue Stimulator Vaginal Breast Nipple Massager Orgasm Adult Sex Toy
₹14,398.0 ₹4,199.0

This vibrator is in the shape of a rose, the head stamen part is designed to be a licking tongue mas..

Female Vibrator Multispeed G-Spot Clit Stimulate Massager Adult Sex Toys India
₹11,440.0 ₹2,860.0

One vibrator with three heads!Material:Made of medical polymer glue, non-stick, non-toxicSize:7x2 cm..

Licking Tongue Vibrator Multispeed G-Spot Waterproof Female Adult Sex Toy India
₹13,200.0 ₹4,600.0

Whisper quiet working mode, no need to worry about bothering others, we can't ensure that you can ke..

Sex Finger Vibrator Massager Personal Massager Adult Sex Toys For Women And Couples
₹7,256.0 ₹3,628.0

Feature:Nubbed tongue shaped finger vibeFlexible tip for clitoris or g-spot stimulationRemovable bul..

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Tongue Vibrators Online India

Here you thought vibrators were for your clit. You didn’t get it wrong – tongue vibrators are still meant to make your clit buzz. Or your ass. Or your nipples. Or your balls…The sex toy industry has had a hard time designing toys that even kind-of imitate oral sex (at least for people who have vulvas).  And it makes sense. When a partner goes down on you, they're able to control their tongue movements and go faster, slower, or in different patterns. And, their tongue is generally both wet and warm. That's not a sensation that's easy to recreate. Anyone who has experienced fantastic oral sex knows the joys of a flicking tongue. However, sometimes there’s no one around to lend a helping hand or mouth. We won't promise that any of the following toys will feel exactly like oral sex. But they do a pretty damn good job of replicating the feeling. And whether or not it truly feels like there's a mouth down there, there's a good chance these sex toys will still help you orgasm.

What is tongue vibrator?

Tongue vibes can actually refer to two different types of toys.

Tongue-Like Vibrators

The first category is vibrators that are meant to simulate the movement, sensations, and effects a tongue would generate on your clit, and they’re sometimes even shaped like tongues. They are essentially oral sex simulators, and lemme tell ya, they’re the best thing since cunnilingus.

On-Tongue Vibrators

The other kind is a vibrator that actually goes ON your tongue. That’s right, now vibes don’t only go on your fingers and on your cocks, but also on your tongues. Pleasure enhancer during sex. I joke about people refusing to give oral, but at the end of the day, we’ve all got limits and preferences, and some people will not enjoy giving oral pleasure. That is their choice and their right and we have to respect it – especially since you can all but replace a real tongue with a plastic one that may even do the job better. Or perhaps your partner’s mouth is otherwise occupied with other parts of your body, but you still crave that oral sensation – voila!  Plastic tongues lapping at your clit. Isn’t the world we live in great?