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Leather Corset Online India Sexy Lingerie
₹6,999.0 ₹3,299.0

PRODUCT DETAILS: Package include: Corset + G-string Material: Spandex + Polyester Material Compos..

Corset Bustier Waist Shaper Sexy Lingerie Set Online India
₹5,999.0 ₹2,999.0

95% polyester/5% spandexFabric: this women bustier is made of high quality polyester, package 1 bust..

Sexy Lace Corset Bustier Waist Shaper Lingerie Set
₹7,999.0 ₹3,299.0

95% polyester/5% spandexFabric: this women bustier is made of high quality polyester, package 1 bust..

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Once upon a time, corsets were made of iron and whale, but fortunately, our technology has brought us to a more comfortable level. The bodice will highlight your assets and show off your delicate curves. Wear corsets for role playing, or just wear corsets to feel sexy and sensual. Your lover can't remove your hand at a glance.

Pick a corset to hold and mould your curves boldly, or a bustier to exaggerate them. Corsets and bustiers wrap around your body between the bustline and the hips, usually without shoulder straps. They hug you in the most delicious ways to give you a firm and feminine shape, great for making you look young and sexy. A sure way to make your partner want to discover you all over again!

Basically corsets are made to enhance your posture and make you look much sexier. So no matter if you have a full or small bust or if you are tall or short, there is style out there that is going to fit you perfectly.

Here is what you need to know while buying that perfect corset to set up the right bedroom mood.

Averagely built women almost times can fit into any kind of corset. The ones with a sweetheart neckline enhances the wearers bust and is often recommended.

Tall and slimmer women can opt for the flat front styled look that creates an illusion of a fuller bust size.

Women with large busts can choose the overbust corset which gives support right from the waist upwards.

Our range of corsets online has been selected carefully keeping the average Indian woman's body shape in mind. 

From simplistic and modern to edgy and erotic, VIVA AWA has the right corset for you.