3 in 1 Rabbit Vibrator India G Spot Clitoris Stimulation Clit Anal Stimulating Rechargeable Vibrator Couples Sex Toy
₹21,599.0 ₹6,999.0

Feel exciting stimulation inside and out with This G spot rabbit vibrator!The ergonomic shape of 122..

Dildo Tongue Vibrator India G-Spot Vibrator 3 Rotating 9 Vibrating Modes Clitoris Stimulator Women Couple Sex Toy
₹13,600.0 ₹4,999.0

3 IN 1 DesignWith its unique design, you will find you have 3 toys if you own one of it. It can be a..

G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator India Waterproof Rechargeable Adult Sex Toys for Women
₹12,999.0 ₹3,999.0

Waterproof for bath and shower funVibrator is 100% waterproof which means you can use it even under ..

G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator Remote Control Couple Vibrator Dual Motor 12 Vibrations Waterproof Adult Sex Toy India
₹19,999.0 ₹4,299.0

Powerful Vibrator & QuietNewly upgraded powerful vibrator, but no need to worry about noise, and..

Rabbit Vibrator G Spot Rechargeable 7 Frequency Dildo Women Sex Toys India
₹6,856.0 ₹3,999.0

Lonely nights for single ladies. Or to add a little spice to a relationship with a boyfriend or husb..

Rabbit Vibrator India 360°Rotating G Spot Clitoris Stimulation Vibrating Dildo Women Vibrator Sex Toys
₹12,600.0 ₹4,599.0

The sole purpose of the reversible rotating rabbit vibrator is to provide targeted stimulation to th..

Rabbit Vibrator India Clitoral Sucking G Spot Waterproof Rechargeable Heating 10 Vibration & 3 Suction Patterns Adult Sex Toys for Women
₹17,999.0 ₹4,999.0

Start Your Love RhythmThis vibrator is designed for nipples clitoral g spot stimulation, it combines..

Vibrating Silicone Dildo Thrusting USB Rechareable Sex Toys For Women Couples
₹19,999.0 ₹5,999.0

Realistic dildoThe vibrator is made of liquid silicone, giving a realistic appearance, you can see t..

Wireless Remote Control Panty Vibrator Sex Toys For Women
₹6,875.0 ₹3,599.0

FeatureDiscreet push-button remove control looks like an ordinary finger ring is made of stretchy si..

2 In 1 Clitoral G-spot Couples Vibrator Wireless 10 Vibrating Modes Sex Toys India
₹19,999.0 ₹5,999.0

Double Massager Stimulation, This vibrator is designed with 2 motors which focus on both g-spot and ..

Anal Sex India Anal Vibrator Butt Plug Prostate Massager Testes Stimulation 9 Speed Vibrating Dual Stimulator Wireless Remote
₹15,999.0 ₹4,599.0

For Male: Welcome to the world of p spot loveThis is a journey you may have been curious about for s..

APP Remote Control Vibrator Bullet India Sex Toy
₹29,999.0 ₹6,999.0

Be controlled no matter where you are with our Magic Motion App. A handy pocket-size vibrator for cl..

Bullet Egg Remote Controlled Waterproof Vibrating Elva Sex Toys India
₹19,999.0 ₹4,999.0

Remote control vibrating bullet Elva has 5 different modes, and 5 intensities in every mode, so ther..

Bullet Vibrator 10 Modes Clitoris Massager Lipstick Vibrator Rechargeable Waterproof Adult Sex Toys India
₹7,800.0 ₹2,999.0

Lipstick Vibrator has an exquisite shape, It is easy to carry and private for every lady's purse. Pu..

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Using vibrators for women making love more fun!

Because of the woman's desire comes slowly. Sometimes they need certain stimulation. This stimulation can arouse her innermost feelings to the sexual desire. The new way to make love is using of sex vibrators, it can make women fully committed to the process of sex! But
How to stimulate female sexual interest with vibrators?
How to choose the right vibrators?
How to use vibrators correctly?

How to stimulate female sexual interest with sex vibrators?

How deep a vibrator goes into her vaginas, girls feels most stimulated.

In general, the deeper the adult vibrator is inserted, the more sexually aroused the woman will be to feel the head of the sex vibrator come into contact with the orifice of the uterus. Conversely, when the vibrator is inserted shallower, the female sexual excitement is weaker and the corresponding degree of sexual pleasure is lower.
In fact, women feel comfortable, how deep the insertion is not the key. In fact, the size and shape of the vibrator for girls are different advantages and disadvantages, as long as the right way to master, you can bring the woman you love ecstasy of happiness. As long as you understand and accept your biological characteristics, every feeling can be perfect, both men and women do not have to pursue the depth of insertion.

How to choose the right vibrators for women?

Using best vibrator to Change the routine of make love and make it perfect!

Choose such a thing as the right vibrator to reach an orgasm!

Modern people will not look at the vibrator with different eyes, they can treat such products with love and sex, vibrator is easy to understand. This is a tool which to increase sexual fun.
From the perspective of sexologists, if both men and women use sex toys to solve their physiological needs, not only can they not ask for help from each other, but also reduce the psychological feasibility of many criminals. From another perspective of sexology, no matter how enduring love is, the maintenance and management of sex life cannot be reduced. However, there are few couples who take the initiative to have sex. If we add this kind of sex toys, we can make love between husband and wife fresher and longer lasting.
Vibrators have several main functions: they enhance sexual stimulation, such as rabbit vibrators, with the shape of a rabbit head, they can effectively stimulate the female vagina, so that women more quickly and easily into the sexual climax; It can help women get through the empty bed period when they are separated from their husbands and wives, and it can also help women release long-term sexual repression.

How to use vibrators for women correctly?

It seems that fewer and fewer players are simply using the gadgets at hand, and instead are using technology -- dildos. While this is progress, it is not foolproof, and there are many aspects worth noting. Learn how to use these "sex toys" correctly to your partner or yourself is important.

  • The first: Let your partner or yourself to enter sexual atmosphere, naked walk in the room. Tune your partner or yourselves senses, take a deep breath, and see if your partner or yourself genitals are ready.
  • The second: Try different positions. Lying in bed, put sex toy on your partner or yourselves body, make your partner or yourselves legs clamped vibrators; or put it on your partner or yourselves clitoris and Venus hillock and vaginal entrance, or anus; or put into the vibrators to your partner/yourselves vaginal or anus; or put a sex toy in different parts of the body. Try different poses to bring couple different pleasure, and finally choose the best method for couple.
  • The third: adjust the pressure and frequency of the vibrators. Experience continuous and direct stimulation by alternating between intense and mild stimulation or by trying to stop and start again. Many female vibrators devices have multiple frequency adjustment, or frequency controller, so couple can adjust the frequency at any time. If the oscillation is too strong, do not put the sex vibrator directly into the vaginal opening of your partner/yourself. Instead, gently slide over sensitive areas so that the shock can ripple across the body. Sexual partner can play with each other, pay attention to the reaction of couple's sensitive zone, and turn off the oscillator from time to time.
  • The fourth: Mix other stimuli. Use a vibrator for couples of other stimuli, such as touching other parts of the body, using other sex toys, watching an erotic movie, or talking to a couple.
  • At last. Using it as a toy. If the vibrators not bring your couple to a climax. Don't worry. Continue the game and use it as a toy. A female vibrator may make a couple climax too quickly, or the vibration may be too strong to make the couple climax. Only by constantly trying, you can find a way to make your partner/yourself get the maximum pleasure.