2 In 1 Clitoral G-spot Couples Vibrator Wireless 10 Vibrating Modes Sex Toys India
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Double Massager Stimulation, This vibrator is designed with 2 motors which focus on both g-spot and ..

3 in 1 Rabbit Vibrator India G Spot Clitoris Stimulation Clit Anal Stimulating Rechargeable Vibrator Couples Sex Toy
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Feel exciting stimulation inside and out with This G spot rabbit vibrator!The ergonomic shape of 122..

APP Remote Control Vibrator Bullet India Sex Toy
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Be controlled no matter where you are with our Magic Motion App. A handy pocket-size vibrator for cl..

Breast Vegina Sucking Indian Couples Sex Nipple Sucker Oral Sex Clit Sucking Toys
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Poor to strong, multiple levels of stimulation, romantic feeling, a must-have tool for adult sex gam..

Clitoral Sucking Vibrator 10 Frequencies Waterproof Rechargeable Female Sex Toy
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It Feels Like You’re Getting Oral Sex!Suck on Your Clitoris with 10 Different Patterns to help you r..

Clitoral Sucking Vibrator G Spot Clit Vibrators Rechargeable India Adult Sex Toy
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Maybe you are tired of ordinary vibration, but this sucking toys provides you with 10 excellent vibr..

Clitoris Sucker Tongue Vibrator Double Stimulation Clit Sex Toys For Women
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Innovative Vacuum Bubbling Vibration Technology The swirling airflow formed by the vacuum vibra..

Cock Ring India Couple Vibrator Penis Vibrator with 12 Powerful Vibrations
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Unlike traditional cock ring, this sex toy is the perfect combination of clitoral vibrator and elect..

Couple Vibrator India Clitoris G Spot Stimulator Waterproof Wireless Remote Control Clitoris G Spot Stimulator Adult Sex Toy
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The most powerful couple's vibrator!It 's designed to be enjoyed with a partner during sex. She gets..

Couples Vibrator India Wireless G Spot Clitoral Stimulation Dual Motors 10 Powerful Vibration Modes Sex Toy
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You will love that this personal vibrator has 10 different settings ranging from steady vibration to..

Egg Vibrator G Spot 10 Frequency Vibrations Remote Control
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8 Various Vibration Modes,mute but powerful motor, like burst of wave motion brings your surging sen..

Finger Vibrator Clitoral G Spot Stimulator Sex Machine Sex Toys for Women India Adult Toy
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Go beyond just stimulation with the ultimate in pleasure. Use your fingers in more ways than one wit..

G Spot Vibrator Clitoris Stimulation Dual Motor Rabbit Vibrator for Women 7 Vibrations Modes Adult Sex Toys India
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Multiple StimulationThis upgraded g spot vibrator for women has 2 intense vibration motors. Its soft..

G-Spot Dildo Vibrator India Multi-Speed Vibrator Couple Female Sex Toys Online
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Simulation DesignBig head fake glans and the body of vibrator fake penile vein design, giving you a ..

G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator India Waterproof Rechargeable Adult Sex Toys for Women
₹12,999.0 ₹4,399.0

Waterproof for bath and shower funVibrator is 100% waterproof which means you can use it even under ..

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Using vibrators while making love is more fun for women!

Because of women's desire and mood tend to set in slowly, they often need external stimulation. Stimulation using vibrators can arouse a woman's innermost feelings and sexual desire. The revolutionary way of making love using sex vibes can make women fully committed to the process of sex! 

Screaming into your pillow will be a thing of the past with one of these high-quality vibrators for ladies. They penetrate, can be worn by couples of the same sex, can be taken anywhere, and even feature a silent mode for when you are sharing a house and want to keep quiet about your new past-time. Do you recall the vibrator in Sex and the City that kept Charlotte confined to her bed for days and nights? If you are intrigued, please read further to find more information and products purchased through our links.

How to arouse female sexual interest with sex vibes?

In general, the deeper the adult viberator is inserted, the more sexually aroused the woman will be to feel as the tip of the sex vibrator come into contact with the orifice of her uterus. Conversely, when the vibrator toy is inserted shallower, the female sexual arousal will be weaker and the corresponding degree of sexual pleasure will be lower.
When using a vibrator, as long as you feel comfortable, penetration depth is not critical. In fact, the various sizes and shapes of the vibrator for girls carry both advantages and disadvantages. As long as you master the proper usage of a vibrator, you can bring the woman you love to a whole new level of ecstasy and happiness. Once you understand and accept your biological characteristics, every feeling can be perfect regardless of the depth of penetration.

How to choose the right vibrators for women?

Magic Wand

If you watch porn, you have most likely come across this original sex toy. Despite its scary appearance, magic want is a favorite among women for good reasons. An ergonomically built wand vibrator sex toy that can be recharged or powered by an electrical outlet.

Massage Wand: How to Use?

Either on your back with your legs in butterfly position or on all fours with your hands stretching back toward the clitoris are acceptable positions to lay in.

In addition to arousing the genitals, magic want can be used to "help relax the muscles of any area of the body, from stiff shoulders to weary feet," if you want to include some foreplay into the mix. Water based lube should be used with wand massagers (yes, even while masturbating, lube is essential!).

Wearables and Remote Controlled Vibes

These toys are exactly what they sound like: vibrating motors controlled by a remote. A phone or smart device app—or even a remote—can be used to control and vary the pulses, vibrations, and rates of the vibrator being used. People who are in a relationship might use these to 'play' with one other from afar (ahem, all of you in long distance relationshipers). Similarly, vibrating panties belong to this group.

How to Make the Most of It

It should be inserted between your legs, with the neck resting on top of your waist, and it's secured at the clitoris's bulbous end with a suction cup. You may wear one in your underpants when going out to eat, or you can wear it while preparing dinner at home.


This is the traditional viberater usually recommended for beginners. Small and bullet-shaped, it may be concealed in almost any place. A free app called Sexual Wellness Educator, which links people with sex concerns to sex specialists, recommends using a whisper quiet bullet vibrator in the place where you want to feel sexy.

How to Make the Most of It

First place the bullet viberator on your clitoris, nipples, or anal orifice. Then begin with a super soft touch and pay attention to your body's cues. Increase the pressure as you see fit.

If you are in a relationship, give it a go with your sweetheart. Both the clitoris and vulva can be stimulated during penetration by attaching them to cock rings.


These vibrations replicate a tugging and sucking sensation similar to the feeling of someone sucking on you. In order to get the most out of a suction vibrator, you need to know where to set it correctly. Locating your optimal sweet spot may require some trial and error.

How to Make the Most of It

Doan advises placing the hollowed-out hole right above the clitoris. Because of the suction cup, the toy doesn't need a lot of pressure to stimulate the region surrounding the clitoris. As you experiment with the settings, you may fine-tune the vibration and strength to your preference. Perhaps all you'll need to get the desired effect is a simple hovering motion.

How to Use Vibrator for women correctly?

It seems that fewer and fewer players are simply using the gadgets at hand, and instead are using technology -- dildos. While this is progress, it is not foolproof, and there are many aspects worth noting. Learn how to use these "sex toys" correctly to your partner or yourself is important.

  1. Let your partner or yourself to enter sexual atmosphere, naked walk in the room. Tune your partner or yourselves senses, take a deep breath, and see if your partner or yourself genitals are ready.
  2. Try different positions. Lying in bed, put sex toy on your partner or yourselves body, make your partner or yourselves legs clamped vibes; or put it on your partner or yourselves clitoris and Venus hillock and vaginal entrance, or anus; or put into the vibes to your partner/yourselves vaginal or anus; or put a sex toy in different parts of the body. Try different poses to bring couple different pleasure, and finally choose the best method for couple.
  3. Adjust the pressure and frequency of the vibes. Experience continuous and direct stimulation by alternating between intense and mild stimulation or by trying to stop and start again. Many female vibes devices have multiple frequency adjustment, or frequency controller, so couple can adjust the frequency at any time. If the oscillation is too strong, do not put the sex vibratior directly into the vaginal opening of your partner/yourself. Instead, gently slide over sensitive areas so that the shock can ripple across the body. Sexual partner can play with each other, pay attention to the reaction of couple's erogenous zones, and turn off the oscillator from time to time.
  4. Mix other stimuli. Use a vibrator for couples of other stimuli, such as touching other parts of the body, using other sex toys, watching an erotic movie, or talking to a couple.
  5. Using it with water based lube If the vibes not bring your couple to a climax. Don't worry. Continue the game and use it as a toy. A female vibrator may make a couple climax too quickly, or the vibration may be too strong to make the couple climax. Only by constantly trying, you can find a way to make your partner/yourself get the maximum pleasure.

What to consider before you purchase vibrator: crucial \sIt's to first start getting in touch with your body to discover where you prefer to be stimulated, and how.

Consider what sort of experience you want this technology to help you access. For example, if clitoral stimulation is your goal, select a vibe that resembles the experience of oral sex. Or if penetration's more your thing, you'll want a larger vibratior with internal stimulation functions.

Considering how many various sorts of vibes are out there (clitoral, internal and external, suction, anal, nipple, etc), it’s natural if you’re a little “where do I start” with the entire thing. The good news: there’s really no incorrect way to use a vibratior as long as it’s safe (don’t go taking a plug-in Magic Wand into the tub here for obvious reasons) and feels wonderful to you.

After all, that’s the primary aim of vibes anyways: to offer pleasure. Once you have the hang of one toy, you pretty much know how to operate them all (pro-tip from someone who unboxes and susses out these toys for a living: holding the largest power button down for two or more seconds will typically get you in business) Plus, instruction manuals are your buddy! Don’t be scared by them — even though they're booklet-sized things sometimes, you’ll likely discover that it’s actually just like two pages setting out which buttons do what in terms of intensity and vibration patterns, and the other 99 percent of the instructions are the same thing in various languages. If you don’t feel like even considering opening the directions (understandable), you can probs figure it out with a lil’ trial and error. Many designers develop basic and easy-to-understand models that don’t even require instructions.

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