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Chastity Belt Female Underwear Locked Leather Device Knickers
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The chastity belt is a locking garment used to prevent sexual intercourse or masturbation. This belt has historically been designed for women to preserve their chastity or to protect women from rape or to discourage women and their potential partners from sexual temptation. The modern version of the chastity belt is primarily (but not exclusively) used by the BDSM community, and the chastity belt is now designed for male and female wearers. The chastity belt in BDSM can be used as part of a controlled orgasm to prevent the wearer from engaging in sexual intercourse without being allowed as the leader of the "key holder".

Female chastity belt

There is a strap at the waist or hips and a "shield" between the legs to cover the genitals. Modern belts are usually equipped with features and accessories to accommodate fantasy and BDSM games. For example, a slot in the shield can place the fake penis in the wearer's vagina, and the false penis cannot be removed unless the key holder is used. Some people have a perforated lid on this groove to prevent the wearer from being caught while sitting. The lid can also prevent direct masturbation by preventing entry into the labia. The anus shield can force the docking plug to be fixed in the wearer's body, which is a common accessory. The shield can be designed to work with genital perforations for added safety.
For long-wearing seat belts, the guard must meet the wearer's hygiene needs:
The shield is usually a flat strap with a slit on it, the labia can be extended to breathe, and urine can pass through the slit.
A belt with a "t-shirt" has a strap between the hips and the belt. This could be a plastic coated cable or a thin, curved metal rod and may have an open thong to allow for bowel movements.
A belt with a "V" arrangement has a pair of chains or cables attached to the bottom of the shield and is "V" shaped toward the rear of the belt to keep the rear open.

Male chastity belt

The so-called Florentine chastity belt also exists in men. As with the standard design of Florence, a round horizontal belt surrounds the waist and a protective cover is placed on the front of the belt. The shield extends downward to cover the wearer's genital area and is attached to the back of the belt. For male seat belts, the penis is fixed behind the front guard. In some designs, the testes are covered by special cages. Most high-security chastity belts are made of stainless steel, although fiberglass composite tapes have also been made. Most belt designs are secured with a padlock. A safer design hides their padlock shackles, making cutting hooks difficult or impossible. The Internet has greatly increased the number of people using virginity equipment, making it easier to purchase virginity equipment, while providing a developmental and interconnected private channel for sub-cultural groups working on virginity equipment.