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Are you looking for new sex positions, crazy, original and crazy?

In order to get the ultimate experience of couple games, sex swing may occur in the future. The sex swing includes a seat belt that can lift you from places such as doors and ceilings, and you and your lover can position yourself in a perfect position for a powerful orgasm. You will be surprised by your position, and you and your lover will wonder why you waited so long to get this position! Sex swing opens a whole new world for you, allowing you to have more activities, low-intensity exercise, weightlessness, diversity, versatility, comfort and everything-fun! All you need to enjoy an unforgettable sex experience is a wonderful sex swing.

Swing may pose

The possibilities of sex swing are limitless! Here are some ideas, but you are free to use your imagination invent your own routines. 

  • The woman is sitting on the swing, and the man is standing in front of her. During intercourse, he moved her back and forth along his cock. 

Man sits on a chair. Woman sitting on a swing above him facing in either direction. He lowered her and lifted her over the cock. The woman sat on the swing, her legs spread apart, and the man walked in and out of her from behind. Enjoy weightlessness and swinging! 

  • Hang the swing on the bed and let the man lie on the bed and the woman sitting on a swing, and he moved her to his penis. 
  • Her knees were raised to her chest, and the woman was sitting on a swing. He stood in front of her, moving the cock into and out of her pussy, while he moved her back and forth in the swing of sex. The woman was hanged with her knees on the swing. When he stood in front of her, the man moved out of her anus or pussy. 
  • Woman sitting on a swing, man lying in bed. He rotated her 360 degrees on her head. When she sits face down in a "doggy style" posture, the man enters her for a back approach or anal sex.
  • Blowjob-Man sits on a swing, woman holds his thigh and moves forward and backward while giving his cock oral sex.
  • Blowjob-One partner tends to lie on the bed, while the other partner lies on the other partner's face during the sex swing to enjoy oral pleasure.
  • Oral "69" sex-When one partner is lying on the bed, the other partner is on top of the swinging head, with the genitals facing the partner's mouth. Both bring verbal pleasure to each other and are very pleasant due to weightlessness.
  • Blowjob-Lean back, step on the horse stir while holding the side straps to balance yourself. Then, your partner gives you oral sex in this position.
  • Masturbation-Use the horse during masturbation to separate feet and legs.
  • Masturbation-bouncing up and down on insertable sex toys while sitting on a swing. Use the spring of the swing to do this.
  • Masturbation-Fix your favorite suction cup vibrator or dildo on the wall, then use the sex swing to move back and forth on it.
  • Masturbation-When you use a dildo accessory designed specifically for sex swings, you will not feel back pain or knee pain. Enjoy dildo and vibes when almost completely weightless!

Everyone has become more and more open, can enjoy new options, and for good reason, swings and slings are also great.