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Do you know that some women can reach their climax through the nipple play?
Yes, I know that our body is incredible. Papillary orgasm does exist, and some studies have shown that nipple stimulation seems to activate the same brain area as the clitoris/vaginal stimulation.
Use a pair of naughty nipple clamps to tease and seduce yourself or a playmate. This stimulating toy is available to both men and women and they promise to add unforgettable fun to your game!
Choose from a wide range of clamp designs, including hands-free nipple clamps, ball clamps and nipple clamps, and even electrical stimulation clamps. Choices are endless, and each one is more mischievous than the next.

You need to know before using the nipple clamp for the first time

Test it first

The nipple clamp is not suitable for everyone, and sometimes there are some pain factors. You can check if the nipple clamp is right for you by making a “patch test” on different/less sensitive parts of the body and then apply it to the nipple. If you find that you like it, you can try it on your nipple.

Erect better

Before using the clamps, it is best to make sure your nipples are upright, which can be done by tongue, fingers or using other products, such as squeezing and releasing the nipple suction cup on the areola (the pigmented skin around the nipple) to form A gentle vacuum increases the size and sensitivity.
Once your nipple is upright, Jess says you should slide the clip to the bottom of your nipple.

Maximum awakening

The best thing about using pliers is that the pliers can make the nipple very sensitive because the pliers can limit and enhance the flow of blood to the nipple.
Once used, you can increase the sensation by pulling the clip or applying weight to it. The real magic happens when the clip is removed, and after the blood flow is restricted during the wear process, the removal will deliver a blood to the area, treating The user feels agitation and higher sensitivity.

Know when to stop

The nipple clamp works best when removed. This is a procedure that delivers blood quickly to the nipple, causing severe irritations and stings.
If your nipples start to turn blue, you should remove them immediately. For safety reasons, it is best to keep them for no more than 15 minutes.

Mix it up

When you become more confident, you can use other nipple toys with the clips, remove them from the clip while the nipples are still sensitive, and replace them with a vibrating nipple lasso - they provide hands-free nipple stimulation Without the pinch provided by the clip.
In terms of safety precautions, remember to start slowly, have a pair of adjustable on the most loose settings, and work hard. When the damage of the clamp exceeds your pain tolerance, be sure to listen to your body and remove it.
Also, if you and your partner use a nipple clamp, it's a good idea to choose a safe word, so you have a simple way to communicate. You don't like yourself and want to stop. But as we said, if you start with a milder stimulus and slowly increase your strength, you are likely to find your best position.