Bullets Eggs

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Fish Shape Wireless Egg Vibrator With Remote
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IRENA I Smartphone Controlled Vibrator (iPhone & Android)
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Bullet Egg Remote Controlled Waterproof Vibrating Elva Sex Toys India
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Bullet Toy Artificial Penis Sex Toys Online In India
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In the sex toys, there are many types of bullets eggs, and the functions of each type are different. People don't know how to choose. But after so many customers buy, the feedback given to us is that bullets eggs are more popular.

how do you use the fun bullets egg?

Although the bullets egg is not big, it plays a huge role in the process of sex and can effectively stimulate the sensitive area of ​​the female body. This kind of stimulation is quickly transmitted to the brain center by the nerves, so that the same excitement can be achieved, and the body and mind can be completely relaxed. There are many people who have such misunderstandings. They think that bullets eggs are tools for stimulating organs. In fact, it is a mistake. Vibrating eggs can not only stimulate female sexual organs, but can be used for stimulation, massage and soothing as long as it is sensitive to females. When making love, you can first kiss and massage, then use the vibrating egg to stimulate the ear, neck, and other sensitive positions. It depends on the other party's reaction. If the reaction is strong, the stimulation time can be prolonged, and then the sexual organs are extended to the sex organs. Here, the key moments are reached. Don't put the bullets egg in her most sensitive position, wait for the other party to give you a deeper stimulation signal, then slowly move the bullets egg around the most sensitive area. The vibration amplitude should also be adjusted appropriately, so that she can adapt slowly. After the adaptation, the vibration frequency is increased.

What is the fun bullets egg?

The fun bullets egg is a small toy that is used by couples to regulate life. It is an indispensable auxiliary tool for injecting fresh elements into life. It can also be used as a female massager. Due to its small size, it can be placed in the vagina. It can also be used to stimulate the clitoris and nipples.

What are the benefits of bullets eggs?

The vibrating egg has a vibration function, which makes women continue to have excitement. It has a good effect on the treatment of female sexual coldness and lack of orgasm. The waterproof vibrating egg can even be used in the bathroom and swimming pool. The remote control can be remotely controlled or remotely controlled by others. Bullets eggs can not only be used for female masturbation, but also can add fun, practical and affordable in the early stage of sex.

Not only one party can experience the thrill of vibration, but the other party can also truly feel the happiness of the partner, and the remote control can also be used as a massager to massage the body. Ultra-quiet performance, so that you can stay away from the unpleasant and noisy use, so that you can fully enjoy the pleasure and enjoy the joy.

How do you feel when you play eggs?

The main function is to bring sexual pleasure to women, so that people can experience the feeling they have never experienced before. In addition, the bullets egg is a very useful foreplay tool for men and women to flirt, effectively stimulate sensitive parts and enhance the love of men and women.

In addition, the sexual excitement generated by women using egg vibrating even exceeds the pleasure brought by sex, and this kind of pleasure often exceeds the female self-control ability, making it impossible to resist the love of the fun and vibrating.

Even many women are asked to use the fun to play with their partners to achieve an infinite climax. The use of fun bullets eggs to continue to stimulate women's sensitive areas will also cause orgasm like sex. Even many women who have never reached the climax in sex can reach the climax with the vibrating egg.

Of course, the vibrating egg can also be used for men, but the stimulation and excitement for men is far less significant than the effect on women. Sexologists explain that the sexual excitement mechanism of women may be more complicated than that of men. It requires more caress, stimulation and preparation before the arrival of orgasm, and the reaction to the role of sex is more intense.

What are the precautions for women using egg vibrating?

  1. Disinfect before using egg vibrating. Disinfection can effectively prevent bacterial infections. Therefore, it must be ensured that it has been sterilized before use.
  2. You need to lubricate the vagina before use, or apply some oil to the bullets egg.
  3. Dry and store after use. After each use of the vibrating egg, place it in a dry and clean place to extend the life of the egg.
  4. The battery should be taken out and stored. When not using the bullets egg, the battery should be taken out and stored to avoid the battery expiration and corrosion.
  5. Don't put the bullets egg too deep. Inserting the bullets egg too deep may cause the bullets egg to be unplugged, resulting in damage to certain sensitive parts.
  6. Do not use too long. The source of vibrating egg vibrating is the battery, so when using egg vibrating, the time should not be too long.