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Is massaging the prostate beneficial to prostate health?

Massage with prostate massager, can drain the prostatic fluid, effectively discharge inflammatory substances, accelerate blood circulation, enhance the vitality of the prostate body; in addition, by massaging the prostate is also beneficial to stimulate male "G-point", you can achieve "prostate orgasm."

How to use the prostate massager correctly?

1 Emptying stool

Always empty your stool before using it. If the stool is not empty, the consciousness of defecation will be enhanced after the massager enters the anus, and the person with poor control of defecation may have a defecation during massage which is not conducive to hygiene.

2 Clean prostate massager

Wipe with 75% alcohol, then rinse with clean hot water; or directly with hot water, because the main body of the prostate massager is made of 304 stainless steel, not afraid of high temperature, while silicone balls and electric balls are recommended to be wiped with alcohol. Wipe dry with a towel or a soft cloth. It is not recommended to use domestic water for direct cleaning. Domestic water contains bacteria, and boiling water is most suitable.

3 The use of lubricants

Before using the prostate massager, use the U-ring of the human lubricant prostate massager and the massage ball and around the anus to reduce friction and promote massage. Lubricants are essential, but silicone-based lubricants are prohibited. It is forbidden to use massage oils, hand creams, etc. as lubricants.

4 Insert prostate massager

Start the massage and insert the massager. You can use any posture and choose your favorite posture. Then gently insert the massage ball into the anus slowly, do not use brute force, when you insert halfway, contract the sphincter, the massage ball will automatically locate the prostate. There is a feeling of wanting to urinate when you just insert it. This phenomenon is normal. Some newcomers use the prostate massager for the first time. This has the feeling that when the massage ball is inserted into the anus, there will be a foreign body sensation at the beginning. If you have a foreign body sensation, it is recommended to do some breathing exercises at this time: slowly inhale for about 4-8 seconds, and stay for about a few seconds, then slowly exhale for about 4-8 seconds, relax and concentrate on the subject. At the stimulation site, after 10 minutes of breathing as described above, the foreign body sensation gradually disappears.

5 Massage needs attention

Beginners can sit on a soft chair or sofa and gently shake the body, so that the massage ball is easy to penetrate; after the prostate massager enters the body, you can still walk normally, go up and down the stairs, and even run, play and live in couples. After the massage is over, it is recommended to urinate immediately (this will remove inflammatory substances in time). In addition, the pursuit of "prostate orgasm" friends pay attention not to rush to enjoy and ignore the use of time, should be gradual, get healthy in the massage, and then pursue fun.

6 Collection and storage

After use, you can wash the massager with warm water, alcohol or antibacterial soap, rinse it off with warm water, and then dry it with a towel or a soft cloth. After drying, place the massager in the storage bag and place it in a cool, dry place. Finally, Xiao Bian reminds that prostate massage should not be too frequent, the frequency of massage is recommended 1-3 times a week, 1 hour each time.

The prostate is located below the bladder, so to achieve prostate orgasm, you must enter the anus before you can reach the prostate further. There are basically two ways to achieve "prostate orgasm". The first is artificial massage, and artificial massage can also be divided into doctor massage and own massage. Doctors' massages generally charge a high price, and their own massage lacks professionalism. Therefore, it is more difficult for artificial massage to achieve "prostate orgasm". Then, another form of instrument massage has become a favorite way of massage.

How do men achieve prostate orgasm? Can I massage the prostate?

The choice of massage apparatus is the first step, followed by several ways to reach the prostate orgasm:

The specific location of the prostate is about 5cm-7cm after the finger enters the anus. Generally speaking, when the depth of entry exceeds 7cm, there will be no excitement.

(1) Walk with a prostate massager to achieve the feeling of excitement.

Walking with a prostate massager, during the walk, you must consciously take some detours, go up and down the stairs, walk quickly, walk, step, step up and raise your legs, experience the itching feeling of G, look for excitement Feel the movements, stimulate the strong movements must do more, and repeat the repetition to improve the intensity. Unexpected pleasure may occur inadvertently, sometimes intermittently, instantaneously, and sometimes indeed. When the climax occurs, there will be an instant inability to control the radioactivity full of the whole body, so that you dare not do the next physical movement, the brain appears blank, there will be temporary amnesia, only a rapid breathing.

(2) Achieve prostate orgasm on the bed or sofa.

The posture of the legs and the legs are fully opened outwards, and the massage method combining manual and lower limb movements is adopted to give the strongest stimulation to the G point, and most of the first testers will get a climax.

A Lower extremity exercise massage is to imitate and replicate on the bed according to the stimulating action points obtained by walking massage. For example, the stairs are most irritating to you, and your lower limbs are simulated on the stairs.

B Grab the front ring of the prostate massager with your hand and pull it to the premise, relax and lift it again, and increase the intensity and frequency - give G point a strong stimulation.

C The brain is imagining the scene of sex education.

D Big mouth rapid breathing to induce orgasm, the feeling of G point becomes more and more itchy and more intense, the legs are clamped tighter, the manual frequency continues to increase, the brain is blank, everything stops at that moment Only the existence of the G point.

Finally, the precautions of the massage process

During the massage, all consciousness must be concentrated in the position of the prostate, and the prostate should be consciously contracted, and then slowly relaxed. The intensity must be very very light, with an interval of 2 seconds. At the same time, we must relax the anal sphincter to the utmost extent. When the anus is unconsciously tightened, it must be relaxed in time. The more relaxed, the better. While relaxing the anus, you should also relax your body, keep your eyes closed, breathe slowly and quickly, and then pause for a few seconds before inhaling. When the climax is coming, it is best to hold your breath.