Sex Handcuffs

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Sex handcuffs are popular among people in sex

SM stands for sadism and masochism. It is generally referred to as sexual abuse. There are bundles, whipping, dripping wax, and training in SM sexual abuse. Tune-up is also a common type of SM. The methods of training include restraint, hanging, language punishment, torture.

The sex handcuff is a game tool in SM

One of SM's most common bundled games is called "binding." Bundle each other with sex handcuffs and ropes, just like a criminal, so that they cannot move freely. In this way, the other party can do whatever it wants. The bondage we see on everyday TV is mostly abuse, but it becomes a sex game in the sex life of couples. The origin of this bondage game is tied with a rope. As people innovate, its tools are transformed from ordinary ropes into sex handcuffs and tie-ups.

The popularity of sex handcuffs lies in the alternative stimulation of sexual love. It is undeniable that when people are tied, they will feel a mix of pleasure and panic. The person who designed the sex handcuffs grasped this key point in human nature and developed the corresponding sex toys. For couples whose sexual life is boring and uninspired, sex toys can spice things up and sex handcuffs will inevitably become their first choice.

All-inclusive tights tease couples passion

When the marriage life is boring, you can buy one of these all-inclusive tights, which can not only flirt for couples, but also give each other a new visual experience. You don't have to worry that this kind of clothes is not breathable and will hurt your skin. This kind of tights is a layer of the same color brightness glue or the same color brightness gold on the spandex fabric, not only will make you wear comfortable, but also show your sculptural beautiful shape, wear a different person, increase the husband and wife Between the fun.

However, when playing SM games with sex handcuffs, you should master the corresponding principles to ensure safety and minimize unwanted side effects.

  1. Voluntary participation: Since it is flirting, then you must not use violence or coercion. This is the fundamental difference between using sex tricks to do sex games and relationships with real violence and its perpetrators and victims. Mutual attention and respect are important. The most important principle in voluntary and mutual respect is voluntary. Whether you are a master or a slave, you must be willing, no one will force you or force you.
  2. Formulating rules: The so-called rulemaking is nothing more than the prior assignment of roles, planning of activities, and selection of plot scenarios. What kind of plot and role can be the sexual arousal of both parties; whether there are third parties or more people involved, what kind of people they are; whether they want security words, what security words are; what kind of sexual security measures are used; What kind of behaviors and roles will evoke unpleasant memories and should therefore be avoided; when to end the event and so on.
  3. Degree of control: Generally speaking, it is arranged by the recipient (the person controlled by the sex handcuffs) rather than by the giver (the person who controls the other party with the sex handcuffs). The control and directorship of the person being tied to the entire performance must be respected by the binder. Of course, in a successful ropework activity, although the tied person controls the whole process, the binder must have a good intuition, know what circumstances should continue, and under what circumstances must stop.