Lesbian Sex Toys

7.8Inch 20CM Strap On Dildo Strapless Realistic Dildo Silicone Harness Dildos Fake Penis Lesbian Sex Toy India
₹6,500.0 ₹4,399.0

Medical Grade Silicone Dildo, Skin -Friendly, Body Safe.Soft, comfortable nylon straps on, giving yo..

Lesbian Silicone Double Sided Dildo for Women Flexible Double Dong Vaginal G-spot and Anal Play

Your hole all desire this lifelike shaft to fulfill your reveries!This dildo offers a smooth head an..

Strap On Vibrating Dildo Double Penetration Lesbian Sex Toy India
₹12,999.0 ₹4,730.0

You can both get fucked, but only one of you gets to be in control!An ideal choice for either female..

14Inch 36CM Double Ended Dildo Realistic Tapered Double Penetration Dong Lesbian Sex In India
₹5,800.0 ₹3,960.0

Double Dildo’s can provide a whole lot of fun in the bedroom for any mixture of couples and singles...

4Inch 10CM Strap On Dildo Two Mini Dildo Realistic Small Penis Beginner Lesbian Sex Toy India
₹6,380.0 ₹3,629.0

The Beginner Strap-On Dildo Set is sized smaller, so it’s perfect for pegging or anal play, as well ..

5.9Inch 15CM First Timers Mini Strap On Dildo Belt Dildo Small Short Buy Sex Toy India
₹3,699.0 ₹2,750.0

For the curious beginner to role reversal and strap-on sex, the First Timers Strap-On set was design..

6 Inch Strap-on Dildo Mini Dildo Realistic Small Penis Beginner Sex Toy India
₹12,999.0 ₹3,520.0

Here's the 6 Inch Strap-on Dildo, which is designed for a fun-filled, deliciously gratifying strap-o..

6.3Inch 16CM Strap On Dildo 10 Vibrating Modes Harness Silicone Dildo India Sex Toy
₹6,499.0 ₹3,629.0

WITHOUT HOLLOW, 10 MODEVIBRATING   This New series of Vibrating Dong with strap on as it c..

6.5Inch 16.5CM Strap On Dildo Wearable Harness Realistic Penis Lesbian Sex Toy India
₹5,720.0 ₹5,499.0

This perfect strap-on includes two dildos and a harness, the soft and realistic dildo will bring you..

7.1Inch 18CM Lesbian Strap On Dildo Two Dildos With Harness Lesbian Sex Toy India
₹5,500.0 ₹4,399.0

This perfect strap-on includes two dildos and a harness, the soft and realistic dildo will bring you..

7.9Inch 20CM Huge Pleasure Penis Strap On Dildo Lesbian Gay Sexy Toys
₹4,028.0 ₹3,740.0

Go All Night Long,Add This Sturdy 20CM To Your Bedroom Frolics!It's designed to accept any other str..

Crystal Double Ended Strapless Dildo Transparent Revolver Dildo Lesbian Sex In India
₹4,999.0 ₹2,969.0

Perform your own magic trick with the double wow strapless dildo!Features:Double ended strapless str..

Electric Inflatable Vibrating Strap On Dildo India Sex Toy
₹12,999.0 ₹5,499.0

Pump up this hard cock and enjoy a swollen, hot rod to pound your partner with!Pump the easy to use ..

Realistic Vibrating Double-Ended Dildos Wireless Remote Rechargeable Lesbian Sex Toy
₹16,500.0 ₹5,445.0

This double-ended dildo offers 2 lifelike shaped penis glans and raised veins friction with the vagi..

Strap On Big Dildo Wireless Vibrating Strapless Vibrator Double Penetration India Lesbian Sex Toy
₹10,600.0 ₹5,499.0

Wireless Vibrating Strapless Strap On Big Dildo Vibrator Lesbian Women Sex ToyThis vibrating strap o..

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Lesbian Sex Toys

Specifically curated for girls who like girls, VIVA AWA offers an extensive array of the best lesbian sex toys. Made by women for women, these erotic products focus on women’s bodies and center female pleasure. 

VIVA AWA designs and manufactures non-realistic sex toys for women using only the highest quality materials. Our online lesbian sex shop includes dildos, double dildos, and strap-on harnesses. 

Whether you’re looking for a scissoring vibrator, toys for fingering,we have it all!

Choose among the best lesbian sex toys and dildos, add some fun to your intimacy, and share a unique experience with your partner or lover.

At VIVA AWA, we create and create non-realistic ball and penis-free designs with high-quality sex toys. These designs come in a variety of designs and fun colors to bring a moment of gay fantasy and joy to your couple .Strap our strap-ons sex toy with a harness and get your hands free.  Have sex and have fun!