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Looking for Bra and panty set

The classic sexy matching bra and panties set are the perfect lingerie choice for tempting daywear or seductive bedroom hospitality.
A matching bra can make your underwear look more attractive. Each of our sexy bras includes a bra, underwear, thongs, thongs, shorts or a halter skirt to give you everything you need to look and feel the best.

How to find the Bra and panty set!

Whether you buy it for yourself or buy it for your loved one, buying a bra is sure to be confusing. No fire, no fire, no cups, hiding cats... What do you mean?
Determining the right band size and cup is the first step to success, but choosing the style that suits you or your partner is also necessary.
When choosing underwear, it is also important to remember the size of the bust. Some styles look great on women whose cup size is A-C, while others are more suitable for larger chests.
Below, we will explain the most popular bra styles and explain what they are most suitable for:

Underwired Bra

Underwired Bra is a fairly generic headline that provides support and elevation for any bra running along the bottom of each bra cup.
Ring bras are often sought after by women, who may prefer extra support. Bras with steel rings may have non-cushioned soft cups, pads or moulded cups, so it's worth checking the product description and looking at detailed photos.
Best for everyone! The only time this is an inappropriate choice is if a woman's breasts are very small, in this case, steel wire is not necessarily required.

Triangle Bra

Two triangular fabrics cover the breasts, and the ribbons are connected to the top "dots" of each triangle.
Fabrics are usually non cushioning, rather thin, may be lace, silk or transparent, however, some triangular bras have foam lined cups, which increase the shape and support.
Triangular bras usually do not have steel wires. If they are large, they may not be suitable for everyday wear.
Best fit: smaller chest, bedroom wear.

Soft Cup Bra

Soft cup bras are probably the most comfortable because there are no wires piercing the skin, no pads feeling stiff and unnatural. However, soft cup covers provide little support, lifting or definition.
Soft cup bras are simple and sexy, but in fact they are not everyday wear for most women. No woman larger than a B-cup is likely to feel supported, so it may not be comfortable in a soft-cup bra. In short, soft cup bras are very suitable for bedrooms, but not for everyday wear.
Best fit: smaller chest, bedroom wear.

Push-Up Bra

Push-up bras are very self-explanatory - they are designed to elevate breasts by using a combination of steel wires and pads. Usually, the padding on the push-up bra is removable, so different quantities of chest circumference and cleavage can be defined.
This style is very sexy, very suitable for showing a larger chest, whether you are A cup or D! Push-up bras usually have a deep V-collar or front insert, which is done in a small center between cups.
Best fit: any size, but the most common size is A-DD/E.

Padded Bra

The term padded bra can be used to describe any bra without a soft fabric cup, but with (sometimes removable) pads and/or moulded cups.
Additional pads are ideal for providing shape, lifting and support. They may have a deep neck or a larger center, giving bras extra interest.
Padded bras are a good choice because they are so versatile - try to wear clothes to increase cleavage. Just remember to buy your size, not the one you want to be.
Applicable to: any size, up to D or DD cup.

Half Cup Bra

Half cup bras, also known as half cup bras or shelf bras, provide less support than full cup bras and are designed to stop above the nipple line. These apply to the low collar, square collar or round collar of the jacket and dress, as well as the realization of sexy cleavage.
Half cup bras usually have moulded cups to provide support and shape and wider bloody (fabric sheets between cups) to ensure good fit, but they can also have soft lace or cotton bra cups. Non-moulded half cup bras are usually decorated with embroidery or lace to add sexy!
Best fit: Small and medium-sized bust with less support, or sexy evening dress appearance of all bra sizes.

Quarter Cup Bra

A quarter-cup bra is a more extreme half-cup version, with fewer fabrics covering the chest. This sexy style gives breasts an exciting boost while revealing nipples.
A quarter cup bra is ideal for people who want to show off the bedroom appearance, but want some support. They often wear attractive funny nipple tassles. Keep in mind that this shape is not suitable for wearing under clothes and may not be the best choice for women with larger breasts.
Best fit: small and medium-sized bust with less support and bedroom wear.

Open Cup Bra

There is no cloth between the bra and the brassiere, and the chest is completely bare.
Some open bras use extra fabric to provide more coverage, but this style is mostly worn alone or with some nipples tassles.
This sexy style is sure to catch your eye!
Best fit: small and medium-sized bust with less support and bedroom wear.

Peek-a-boo Bra

Who says sexy must be serious? The sexy peek-a-boo bra usually has an incision along the cup and can see the breast, but there is no skin like the open bra.
Peek-a-boo bras usually have a soft cup, which may or may not include steel wires. This style is very suitable for those who want to wear sexy underwear out of the comfort zone.
Best fit: Women who like to tease but don't reveal everyone.

Longline Bra

For anyone who wants a smooth body from chest to waist, a long bra is the perfect choice. Its lower bra strap is longer and helps shape your body. Many features are the extra structure of short plastic skeletons, which can be underfired or soft.
Many longline bra also have front buckles, which can add an extra sexy touch to the bedroom.
Best fit: A chest of any size is suitable for bedrooms or daytime wear.