Anal Sex India

Anal Sex India

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Anal sex is a pervert, exciting action, and a little scary. If you are thinking about it, great! Doing anal sex in the right way can be a great experience. In fact, it can change your relationship with your sexual partner. On the other hand, for some reason, anal sex can inspire some fear. If you are not careful, anal sex can be painful and uncomfortable.

If you want the kind of anal sex experience that leads to amazing orgasms and heightened relations, keep reading. This anal sex guide will tell you exactly how to do anal the right way.

Do you want to have anal sex?

This is indeed something to consider. Many people, especially women, are particularly interested in anal sex. Instead, they agreed to try it out to fit their partner's fantasies.

Here, finding balance is important. Perverted and happy to try new things, even if you're not sure about them, great. On the other hand, if you can't enjoy the anus because of yielding or feeling stressed.

Also, you may try anal and decide you absolutely hate it, and never want to do it again. That's fine as well. You might also find that you enjoy other types of anal play, but not full on anal intercourse.

Safety Rules For Anal Sex

Anal sex does not require pain and there should be no blood. If you do have some pain and tears, it is a sign that you are slowing down. Try to change. Use more lubricants or other types of lubricants. Try a new location.

Alternatively, you can give up and try again. Don't endure pain and discomfort, just for the first time. Instead, follow these suggestions, even if you are playing for the first time. Finally, you will learn how to reduce the pain of anal sex.

Anal Sex Positions

There is no right or wrong position for anal sex. Yes, doggy style is quite popular, but it’s just one option. What works for you depends largely on your preferences. Here are some positions to consider as you explore the best way to have anal.

Cowgirl: When you are on top, you can control the angle and depth of insertion. There’s also no danger of your partner thrusting to deep or too hard. The downside is that you  have to focus on your balance and angle, while also taking on the job of insertion and thrusting.

Reverse Cowgirl: You’ll still have to handle balancing, moving, and insertion. However, you may feel a bit more stable in this position.

Flat Doggy Style: This position allows for penetration that isn’t so deep. This could help with your comfort levels during your first time. Just remember that this is a very passive position for you. So, be prepared to verbalize how you are feeling, and what you want your partner to do.

Classic Doggy Style: This is a classic for a reason. First, neither of you is bearing the weight of the other. From their position, your partner can see everything that’s going on back there. They can let you know when they are in, and how deep. This is also a great position for deep and fast thrusting, once you are ready for that.

Spooning: This is a wonderfully lazy, relaxed way to have vaginal intercourse. It’s also a nice alternative to anal sex. Here, you simply lay on your side, back to chest with your partner. Then, they left your upper leg with their arm, and penetrate you from behind. Because neither of you is bearing any weight, you can focus solely on penetration, thrusting, and how the experience feels.

Knees to Chest: Of course, if you are very flexible, this position might be called ‘ankles behind your ears’. This is a great position if you want to enjoy very deep penetration. Just know that it puts your partner in charge of insertion and thrusting. Again, be prepared to give plenty of feedback and anal sex instruction.

Enhancing Anal Sex

Anal sex should not be an endurance exercise for the benefit of a partner. This can and should be an amazing experience for both of you. Check out these tips for anal sex:

Try to orgasm. Oral or vaginal sex, or play with a vibrator before you start trying your anus. At the beginning, you are already relaxed and content.

Use vaginal stimulation during the show. When your partner penetrates you, try masturbating with your fingers or sex toys at the same time for added fun.

Try anal sex toys. During anal games, you can use awesome dildo and vibrator for added fun.

Engage in anal preparation. If you are concerned that things are not going well, then you will not enjoy the experience. You just worry about being embarrassed. Using some wet paper towels, or even anal irrigant, can give you more peace of mind.

Anal Sex Tips For Guys

Pegging Toy

What is pegging? It’s a sex act in which the male is penetrated anally by his female partner. Obviously, she would be donning a strap-on or using an anal dildo. Pegging dildos come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Guys can also enjoy anal play solo or on their own with anal dildos, vibrators, prostate massagers, and other toys.

It’s perfectly normal for a guy to engage in anal play. In fact, it makes quite a bit of sense, as anal sex stimulates the man’s prostate gland. This can lead to deep, intense orgasms.

The Final Breakdown

Anal sex can be absolutely amazing. The key is to go slow, use plenty of lube, and find what works for you. Also, it’s perfectly fine if you conclude that anal is simply not your thing.

Try different poses, use toys to enhance the experience, and start when you relax and feel positive. Finally, if your partner decides to enjoy the experience from the other side, don't be afraid to switch roles. Whenever you have questions about how to enjoy anal sex, please refer to this anal sex tutorial.