How To Do Penis Massage

How To Do Penis Massage

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Use the massage to enlarge the penis

By stretching and carefully massaging your penis every day, it takes only 15 to 20 minutes a day, and you will soon begin to grow into a penis size.

Massage the penis has nothing to do with masturbation. It is considered an exercise program that will become part of your daily system with the goal of having a larger unit

Let's first talk about exercise itself and then start walking towards a bigger penis.

Daily routine

Proper grip and excellent lubricants are essential. These exercises are 15 to 20 minutes a day, five days a week, to be successful. There are some steps and grip positions that should be used to minimize your time and maximum penis target.

Your upcoming practice is a change in the popular penis exercise program. Because every man is unique, each man's penis is individual, and the man's physique is different, the penis movement will also be displayed here.

This is a small experiment you can try to get an idea of ??the penis size you should be able to achieve.

You need two A4 papers, a pair of scissors, sticky tape or paper paste, a ruler and some rope or tailor tape measure.

Although the penis is measured upright from the side of the penis. This is a conventional method for measuring the average penis size. Keep the penis under your head and use your other hand to set the ruler aside. The ruler should be gently pressed against the pubis. Measure as accurately as possible without over-amplification

Next, measure your upright circumference with a cloth strap.

When you make two measurements, cut the paper into these properties, fold it into a tube and secure it with tape. This is your actual penis size.

Now add two inches in length and one inch to the circumference and cut the second sheet of paper. Rolls and tape - now you have an example of a bigger penis, a few weeks later!

Lubricant is very important during daily penis exercise

In order to make the exercise on the penis beneficial, especially on things as important and complicated as the penis enlargement, it must first be comfortable and non-abrasive.

Because there are currently hundreds of fine and very high quality lubricants on the market. Grape seed oil is cheap and has excellent quality. The principle here is that it is a non-irritating lubricant that can be heated and then easily removed.

Preparing the penis

The only ingredient that should be retrieved while working on the penis is to maintain only part of the hardness of the penis. If you feel completely erect or ejaculate, pause until the impulse is over. In addition, there is no need to contact the head region, which is swollen by blood during surgery. This is completely natural.

The technique involved first heats the penis with a warm towel and causes the blood to begin to flow to the penis head.

Once your penis is in the correct upright position and lubricated, your index finger and thumb will wrap around the base of the penis and drive the underside of the penis with firm pressure and release and replicate with alternating hands in a smooth rhythm to reach each part In addition to the penis outside the penis head. Every pass should be about 3 seconds

Do 200-300 times a week for the first week of moderate intensity.

Do 300-500 times a week for the next week.

Do it 500 times or more a day from then on and be as strong as possible.

Remember that you should not feel any irritation when operating this technique. Use a lot of lubricant to avoid any skin troubles.

It's worth mentioning that no matter what you get from using these technologies, any gains are long-lasting. Once you stop routine, your penis will not decrease.

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