How To Use A Penis Ring

How To Use A Penis Ring

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How To Use A Penis Ring

Curious about how to use a penis ring? Preparation to get one but uncertain if it's the ideal sex toy for you? Well, calm down as we will be discussing the ins and outs of this underrated adult toy.

Yep, you heard that right; a penis ring is considered an underrated sex toy in the male market. It's not as sought-after as masturbators, fleshlights, dildos, and butt plugs-- which type of a downer, thinking about how helpful this toy is.

Before talking about its benefits, let's have a fast refresher.

What is a Penis Ring?

A penis ring, also called enjoyment ring, tension ring, cock ring, shaft ring, and c-ring, is a ring-shaped sex toy put around a penis or dildo to squeeze the shaft balls. It's typically made with rubber, plastic, or silicone. It can increase your pleasure or delay your orgasm. Likewise, it can bring extra satisfaction if you use a penis ring with a female partner, as some variations have vibrating heads connected to them. The connected vibrating head then stimulates your partner's clitoris as you thrust in and out their body.

Types of Penis Ring

There are four main kinds of penis rings offered in the market. The difference between these types is where they are fitted and their unique function. Most of the benefits are generally the very same, with a couple of small exceptions—more on that listed below.

Adjustable Rings

As the name recommends, these rings are adjustable to the size of the base. They utilize lasso-style, D-rings, snaps, or velcro adjusters to keep things hassle-free. They're usually worn below your testicles and around your penis.

Stretchy Rings

This type is usually made with silicone or rubber. It's a stretchable ring that you wrap around the base of your penis or under your testicles. Now, because it's made with elastic material, average-sized schlongs might fit with the basic rings. We still suggest finding the right size for you to prevent any tightness or discomfort during use.

Vibrating Rings

They're like elastic rings, just with a slight twist. There's a connected nub on the top part of the ring with a little motor inside it. This motor then supplies vibrating sensations for you and your partner. If your female partner is having a hard time reaching orgasm through vaginal penetration, using a penis ring can assist, considering that this toy stimulates the clitoris.

Solid Rings

Now, this type is not for newbies. A healthy penis ring is usually made with stainless steel, plastic, and glass. It's not adjustable. Utilizing the wrong (smaller) size can trigger penile damage, so beware and practice with the beginner-friendly ones before attempting this one.

Advantages of Using a Penis Ring

We know what you're believing-- who on earth would wish to constrict their penises with this toy? Well, remember that it's safe to use a penis ring, and it isn't made to provide pain to your genital areas. There are, in fact, several benefits to using this toy.

You'll have longer and firmer erections

Here's the science behind this benefit: When an erection happens, blood flows into the penis to make it put up. Once they've lost their arousal or ejaculated, the blood drains, losing the erection while doing so.

If you use a penis ring, the blood can be then caught in the penis for a while, allowing for a more prolonged erection. That's why you'll last in bed longer and have firmer erections when wearing this toy during intercourse.

It supplies increased sensitivity in your penis

Numerous research studies reveal that guys experience increased sensitivity when wearing cock rings. If you desire to feel more intense pleasure while lasting longer in bed, absolutely try this toy out.

It can assist guys with mild cases of impotence

Impotence (ED) is the inability to get or keep an erection during sexual intercourse. Now, this condition in guys can take place occasionally, particularly during times of stress. However, if the ED gets regular to the point that you can no longer make love, it can indicate a health issue that requires treatment.

According to numerous studies, you can utilize a penis ring as part of your treatment for impotence. Use a penis ring, in addition to ED medications and other ED devices (such as penis pumps). It can substantially improve erectile function.

Great for edging play

It's a methodological sex technique for those unfamiliar with edging that includes bringing yourself or your partner too near orgasm, then stopping the stimulation right before you/your partner reach climax. The process then begins once again until you decide to reach an incredible peak.

Now, it may sound easy-- hold your erection throughout the play, right? That's necessarily the case. It's hella challenging to do edging specifically for males. In some cases, you can't hold it in. That's why if you can't frame appropriately, we suggest using a cock ring.

As you utilize a penis ring, the pressure is applied to the area surrounding the penis. This then triggers the capillary on the location to tighten or restrict. The blood will then leave the penis more slowly, helping you maintain your erection for longer. If orgasm control or edging is your thing, get yourself this reliable tool.

It can be enjoyable for ladies too!

Some variants can offer clitoral stimulation. Those are vibrating penis rings. They generally have an attached head that vibrates, pleasuring the clitoris as you thrust in and out of their body. It's a win-win!

How to Use a Penis Ring

As you've checked out the advantages above, we can notice your excitement to attempt this sexual wellness gadget. Before you examine the most delicate cock rings on our online store, we suggest discovering how to use a penis ring. This will guarantee a fuss-free experience for you and your boo. Read on!

Find the right penis ring for you

For novices, start with an easy variant initially. Opt for a standard silicone-made penis ring. Once you've been utilized to it, you can then opt for sophisticated ones with more functions.

As for the material of the cock ring, the product must be non-porous, such as silicone and stainless steel. Having a cock ring that's made with a non-porous material ensures that bacteria wouldn't be trapped in the surface of the toy.

Prepare some lube

When you utilize a penis ring, it's still crucial to dab some water-based lubricant on your shaft and around the ring. This makes sure sleeker insertion of the call to your penis. Keep in mind, though, silicone-based, and oil-based lubricants are off-limits. They will more than likely damage the toy's surface, mainly if the cock ring is made of silicone.

Location the penis ring on a semi-erect or flaccid penis

If you're a first-timer, it's crucial to try out the penis ring before utilizing it throughout the deed. You sure don't want to fumble around in front of your partner while inserting the ring. This will also help you see if you're comfortable enough with the toy and if it gets the job done. Take note, a penis ring should only feel snug around your schlong, not uncomfortable or pinching.

When wearing a cock ring, keep in mind that your penis must be in a semi-erect or flaccid state. If your penis is put up, you might have a more challenging time (no pun intended) moving the cock ring on your shaft.

Dab some water-based lube on your shaft, gently place the ring over the head, and slide it in till it reaches the base. If your penis ring has a vibrating chair, ensure that the attached head is located on the top.

If you're going to use a prophylactic (as you ought to), use the cock ring initially on a drooping penis. After that, roll the condom down on the penis. Make sure the penis is not rubbing versus any parts of the condom. If the prophylactic and the ring rub against each other, it can trigger the condom to tear or break due to friction.

Keep the penis ring on for no more than 20 minutes

If you utilize a penis ring correctly, they're a safe toy for your sexcapades. In unusual cases, they can damage the erectile tissue of the penis. How can this take place? By using it too long.

Utilizing a cock ring for more than 20-30 minutes might trigger the trapped blood to alter to a solid-state. Never pass by 30 minutes. You might bring irreversible damage to your penis. With that, it's finest to set a timer when you use a penis ring.

If you feel pain, numbness, or see a change in your skin color, remove the ring right away. This suggests that the toy is too tight for you. We recommend selecting larger sizes.

Cock rings are the unsung heroes in the world of sex toys. They serve not just as a toy that's suggested for enjoyment but also as a sexual wellness device for people with difficulties in their erections.

However, if you're planning to get yourself this toy, we are a bit frightened to do so. We encourage you to guide that shyness away and treat yourself with enormous experiences.