How You Can Get A Bigger Penis

How You Can Get A Bigger Penis

Tuesday, Sep 29, 2020 0 comment(s)

A small dick isn’t the end of the world.Big dick is not everything. Don't let those countless penis enlargement ads and porn stars with huge penises, you see on the Internet everywhere tell you otherwise. In addition, you may be surprised to find that you may have an average size penis. Studies have shown that the average erect penis is about 5-6.5 inches long and 4-5 inches around. Now, if you still believe that your view is on the side of disadvantage, don't worry. There is still hope. Read this article to see how you can have fun in bed with your girlfriend if you have a little brother.

But if you're the kind of person who likes to take a more proactive approach, you may have thought about how to find a way to make your penis bigger. We're here to make it easier for you. We have done all the research to give you the real deal what practical work, what needs more research, what choice is just a plane scam.

Right now, are tablets and lotion really effective?

We have seen those tablets and lotion advertisements on our web browser, claiming that they can make you fat. They're like magic solutions to your little brother's problems. Remember what your mother used to say: "if something is too good to be true, it's probably not.". It also applies to tablets and lotions. They have no magic at all, but they do have herbs, minerals and vitamins. There is no evidence that they work, and the bad news is that some of them may even be harmful to your health.

What about penis pumps?

Penis pumps are used by men who have erectile dysfunction but they’re also being used in the bedroom for longer and stronger erections. It creates a vacuum that pulls and tugs the tissues on your penis, drawing the blood flow and making your penis larger and thicker. It does work, and you get the illusion of a bigger penis. The result, however, is only temporary. Word of advice, penis pumps are relatively safe to use but don’t use penis pumps longer than the recommended time. It may end up damaging the elastic tissues of your penis.

Yes, and no. Penile extenders and traction devices are built to elongate the penis by exerting traction on it. A study concluded that there was indeed a small increase in both flaccid and penile length after using a penile extender. Another study also revealed that there was a significant increase in length after using penile extenders in six months. The only catch is that there were only a few participants involved in the study. More research needs to be done before the results become conclusive. It does seem very promising.

Should you try the injection?

You may have heard of this. There are different injections that are thought to make your penis bigger. The most popular are hyaluronic acid injections and priap injections. The principle of hyaluronic acid injection is to use stable, hyaluronic acid based non animal gel to penile. On the one hand, Priapus injection is a process of extracting blood from the arm and then centrifuging platelets. Platelets think the body is injured. This causes them to release growth factors. Then inject the penis with a needle. Both methods seem promising, but more research is needed to prove their long-term effectiveness.

What’s the real deal with a surgical intervention?

Before you decide on getting a male genital corrective surgery, you may want to think about it some more. It is a recommended treatment for micropenis. But there is not enough evidence to support its long-term effectiveness.  Medical organizations are not endorsing penile elongation surgery for cosmetic reasons.

Are there any other options?

Yeah, turns out you have other routes you can take that aren’t too abrasive.  The previous methods may be popular. But they are not yet proven. While the next options may not make your penis bigger, they do give your penis the appearance of a bigger size.

Lose excess weight

For all my chubby men, if you want to have a bigger penis, you may need to lose extra weight. No, we didn't mean to lie to you. The doctor has something to say about it. They suggest you lose weight and make your penis look bigger. It won't make your penis bigger. But when you lose weight, you reduce the fat pad around your pubis. This will help you expose more of your penis and make it look bigger.

Trim your pubic hair

If you don't like trimming your pubic hair, consider trimming it now. Sometimes it's all about aesthetics. Mowing your front lawn will not only make oral sex easier and healthier. It also makes you look bigger. In addition, it is much easier to trim the hair at the base of the penis than to receive painful surgical correction or rough injection.

Make sure your erection is reaching its maximum potential

Sometimes, men are not reaching their maximum boners because of unhealthy lifestyles. Smoking, lack of exercise, and drinking alcohol excessively are just some of the habits you can blame for that. It can cause an increase in cholesterol level in your body, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other cardiovascular diseases. All of which disrupts the blood flow to your penis. So if you want to really get into your penis enlargement journey, start by getting a healthy lifestyle.

Big guys may have something to do with masculinity and masculinity. But we are here to tell you that a big Dong is not all of a man. Although we want to tell you that there is a single and effective solution to make your penis bigger, we can't lie. Finally, your penis will only grow to the size you can. You can make some changes to make it look bigger. But that's it. It's just an illusion. So instead of worrying about things you can't change, why not focus on things you can improve? Try to improve your performance in bed.