Oral Sex Tips In India

Oral Sex Tips In India

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What is oral sex?

Oral sex refers to the stimulation of your partner's genital or anal area with your mouth and tongue.

Oral sex is a great way to find new fun with your partner, but deciding whether you want to do so is a very personal choice - not everyone likes it, not everyone tries it!

As with any type of sex, it's important to have enthusiasm for both.

Oral Sex Tips In India

A lot has been written about how to do the best oral sex. But the truth is, different things work for different people.

There are many ways to lick, suck and stimulate - different people may like to give and receive oral sex in different ways. Remember, it takes a while to figure out what makes people feel good.

You may feel nervous before oral sex, whether you are or not. The best way to do that is to continue to communicate with your partner. Let them tell you what feels good and let them know what you're enjoying.

If you're happy and comfortable with the people you're with, oral sex can be a great way to get closer to your body and get to know each other's sexuality. But remember, you can stop wherever you want, as well as your partner. Just because you've started something doesn't mean you need to continue - it's actually quite normal to stop.

How do you give a man oral sex?

Whether a man's penis is erect or not, you can start oral sex. It's a good idea to use your hand to touch him before you start to help work on the feeling of oral sex.

If you're not sure how far you want him to go from your mouth, make a ring around his penis with your thumb and forefinger to stop it as much as possible. You can continue to move your fingers down slowly until you feel that your mouth is deep enough.

Many men think that oral sex (also known as "blowing the flute") is highly sensitive, so start gently, slowly and work at a faster speed. You can try different tongue, mouth and head movements to see what works best (but don't use your teeth unless you're asked to .

Even if you decide to give a man oral sex, that doesn't mean you have to let him ejaculate (or both) in your mouth - the choice is yours. Of course, if he's wearing a condom, it's not a problem, which means you both will be protected from STIs. How long you can keep it up also depends on you.

Should I have oral sex?

Starting oral sex is a big decision, and it's important that you and your partner are ready to start exploring.

Whether it's oral sex or oral sex, no one should do it because they feel forced to.

It's very personal to decide whether to have oral sex or not. The main question to consider is whether you feel right and whether you and your partner are sure.