What are anal beads?

What are anal beads?

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What are Anal Bbeads?

Individual gender choices and lifestyles vary from person to person. In exploratory and sexual behavior, one's sexual behavior and sexual behavior may be a complete transformation of another person. For thousands of years, humans have been playing anal games. The ancient Romans, Egyptians and Greeks were fascinated by it.

As anal games have become more popular in history, people can now buy anal beads at sex toy stores. With this in mind, I want to explore the practice of anal games by using anal beads.

Anal beads are sex toys consisting of multiple spheres, balls and other round or cylindrical shapes that are fixed together to form a line that is inserted into the anus for erotic pleasure.

The most popular is the tapered size, the final drill bit (the side you insert first) is the smallest and the size of each ball is increasing. Other variations may be all the same size or randomly different sizes. These balls can be held together by rope (Thai beads) or the same material as the ball, whether rubber, plastic, latex, glass, silicone or steel. The anal beads can be vibrating or non-vibrating.

Versatility is the beauty of anal beads because they can be used for single-player games, foreplays, couple games and as a prelude or conclusion for anal sex. They can also be used by men who stimulate the prostate and reach P-spot orgasm, or by women who do not have a prostate but want to experience 'anal orgasm'. The smaller size can be used for beginners in anal games.Another option for beginners to anal play is butt plugs.