Wild Oral Sex Experience

Wild Oral Sex Experience

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Wild Oral Sex Experience

It was summer vacation after I took the tenth board examination. One day, all my family left Delhi for the wedding ceremony. I prefer to stay at home because I have a headache and don't want to go anywhere.

When I was tired of TV and music, I called some friends to accompany me, but for various reasons, none of them came. So I called my boyfriend Solab and he agreed to come. That was the first time we met alone.

I was very happy when he came. I became fresh and wore my favorite shorts, just like boys' shorts. The shorts were too short, so my mom never allowed me to wear it, but a halter bra and transparent T-shirt.

It took us a few minutes to leave the room, but it was too hot in summer, and I decided to go to my bedroom, which was air-conditioned.

The door of my room was locked as soon as we entered, and he hugged me tightly. Wow, it's too hot. I haven't received a hug from the boy a few times, but it's just a formal thing. He hugged me tightly and started rubbing my back, pressing my hips and chest. He started kissing on my neck and back. He removed the knot of my backless bra with his mouth.

I started to breathe quickly, this is the one I have never embraced as tightly as any boy. He turned around and suddenly put his lips on me, shaking me for the first kiss on my lips. Then he started biting my lips and then inserting his tongue into my mouth. It was too horny for me, and I also started biting his lips violently, and then inserted his tongue into his mouth.

When he kissed, he started stroking my chest and it became stiff due to irritation. Then he reached into my shorts, then into my underwear, and started stroking my cat.

When I started secreting, he inserted his fingers into my cat OMG, the fingering was very hoarse for me, and I became completely wet. My whole body started to stir. Then he pulled out my shorts and panties and started stroking my cat hard. I was so excited that I started to feel hot even in AC, so that I took off the shirt and bra he had opened.

Now I am completely naked. This is the first time I've been naked.

I sleep in bed. He separated my legs, put my tongue on my pussy, and began to lick my pussy. Suddenly he pushed his tongue into my pussy, and I started to get angry at it.

I was stealing as he kept going in and out of my pussy. He started to drink all my secretions. I fell for his cunnilingus and I was so honored that I squeezed the pillows and pulled the bedspread.

I got up and kissed him passionately, taking off his T-shirt and pants. To my surprise, he was wearing a sexy bikini. When I asked him about it, he told me he liked wearing it. His bikini was raised. That's how I see it, so I take off his bikini. Oh my gosh, that's a big, hard cock, shaking wildly up and down.

I grabbed it and shoved it into my mouth with excitement. Too soft, I started to lick it. I was so hungry that I did chew his cock and suck it. He screamed with excitement.

Suddenly he held my head, pressed my head against his cock, and started using his cock to twitch violently in my mouth. Immediately I felt some sweet and warm liquid in my mouth, and he started to jam in my mouth. This is my first cum. I was angry for sexual pleasure, so I started craving to drink and kept sucking to get more semen. I sucked him until the next ejaculation, and I was drunk twice in that blowjob.

Both of us were tired after that. We took a break, became fresh, made my room neat and clean, and then he went.

This is my first oral sex, but I still feel the best.