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You may have read that a cock ring is good for your sex life. It may be true, but you may want to know how it works. I don't want to be surprised, because I'll show you the whole process in this article.

How does the cock ring work?

To understand how the rooster circle works, you need to know how to install it. When a man is awakened, the brain begins to send signals to the penis. These signals combine with blood vessels in and around the area and begin to inject blood into the penis.

The flow of blood into the penis increased dramatically, and a special tissue called erectile tissue began to collect and capture the blood. This causes the penis to grow and become harder. In this process, the body will actively inject more blood into the penis, but will not actively clear the blood. Natural circulation causes blood to leave the penis when it reaches its limit, so the new blood injected will squeeze out some old blood.

As sexual arousal subsides, or after orgasm, the amount of blood injected into the penis decreases again. The body's natural circulation gradually clears the extra blood from the penis and relaxes again.

When a cock ring is applied, the blood vessels which carry blood out of the penis are restricted. This means even more blood is trapped inside the penis, causing it to become more engorged and firmer than usual. The blood flow out of the penis isn’t completely stopped, but it is massively reduced. Due to this, even when the body starts to slow the rate of blood entering the penis, the amount held inside it is still increased, so it takes longer for the penis to become flaccid.

You might wonder why you would want extra blood to flow into your penis. This is a valid question, and the answer carries many of the reasons people enjoy wearing cock rings.

Some people pursue cock rings purely for medical reasons. Especially those with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation may find special benefits. Blood restrictions help keep erections larger and stronger for longer. It also limits ejaculation, allowing men to have longer periods of time or orgasms.

Other men may like cock rings purely for sexual gain. The increase in blood flow makes this area extremely sensitive. Your regular sexual activity may be more stimulating than you are used to. Extra size may be more fun for your partner, or longer duration may allow you to explore more sexual options you didn't have before. There is almost no limit to the possibility of wearing a rooster ring for pleasure.

Advanced cock rings

Some cock rings are simpler than a ring. They can have a variety of extra parts, which can stimulate extra parts of the body or change the feel of the rooster ring. These rings work very similar to the common cock rings. A special one may need some extra ideas, though it's a vibrating cock ring.

How does the vibrating cock ring work?

The vibrating cock ring is exactly the same as the ordinary plug ring, but there is a small vibrator outside. This vibrator moves a simple cock ring from a single male toy to something both sexes can enjoy.

The vibrator is usually placed so that it rests against the female clitoris, while the penis is in the female body. This provides her with the much-needed clitoral stimulation of penetration and allows you to bring her to orgasm more consistently. Most women don't orgasm purely through penetration, so this is a good compromise.

Sometimes, the vibrator may turn around. This allows it to lean against a man's scrotum, stimulating his testicles and penis. This extra stimulation can make his orgasm extremely strong, and it may become his favorite toy type.

Obviously, a vibrating cock ring will need some kind of power supply. Unlike some of the more elaborate types of vibrator, a cock ring vibrator will usually not be rechargeable, and will instead rely on small disposable batteries. Some of these cock rings are designed to be entirely disposable, having enough charge for one use before you get a new one.

Having electricity involved might restrict your potential playtime, so if your planning on using one in the shower or bath be sure to check it is completely waterproof or you might end up with a nasty shock.

Vibrating cock rings aren’t for everyone though. If you’ve found regular cock rings to be a little boring and not giving you that much stimulation, then a vibrator could be ideal. On the other hand, you might find the added sensitivity of a cock ring brings you to orgasm very quickly. For these men a cock ring with a vibrator will only speed things up further, defeating the object of using a ring to last longer. You might even find that the additional sensitivity of wearing the ring added to the vibrations to be a little overwhelming and not enjoy the combination. In the end it’s down to preference.

Depending on the design and shape of your vibrating cock ring, you might be lucky enough to let the vibrator rest on the perineum. This part of skin (between the anus and scrotum) is directly attached to the prostate gland, which can produce some of the strongest and most enjoyable orgasms a man can have.

Overall, the question of how a cock ring works comes down to what you want to do with it. There are many options and exploring the best way to use your cock ring is one of the most fun parts!