How to arouse a man

How to arouse a man

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Waking up your man sometimes requires creative exploration of the edges of the penalty area. It's not always what a woman does to create arousal for her husband or boyfriend. When we deal with the relationship wake-up equation, we have more to do.

Wake up your man by taking him to the forbidden zone

Maybe we should call this part "the beast that awakens your man"!

Women feel stimulated when they know that men are highly stimulated, and vice versa. Keep that in mind. We will return to this topic later.

A man sometimes thinks of having sex with his wife, which may lead them to the edge of the penalty area.

Only if he concentrates on such an idea can he arouse excitement. It's like calling for his "primitive" self. He thinks it's primitive, sweaty, wild and exciting sexual contact.

Allow your husband (or boyfriend) to try to fill the gap with his own imagination. If you are very cunning and a little naughty, you can draw a masterpiece of awakening.

For example, one hour before he comes home from work, you can send him vague text. Or, you can give him an envelope and let him find it later.

You can say, "Honey, when you get home, I want us to talk about being very naughty tonight." Or, you can say, "When you go home tonight, let's get our colors off-line." If he replies to clarify, please wait an hour and send him a gentle hint. But keep it mysterious.

Let it all sink in and build slowly. That's how your man's awakening came about. It begins with a small part of the mind.

Wake-up Tip: Look into your husband's eyes

Gaze into each other's eyes for 4 minutes without speaking.

Share intimate details about their 30-minute life.

So if you want to light that wake-up spark on your man, consider going deep into his eyes and sharing something very intimate.

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